The only review that you need is one of the best mobile dating applications. It takes a unique approach of being media-centered as opposed to chat-centered to take the upper hand when it comes to the dating game. In fact, our yubo review aims to highlight that it does not even seem like any other normal dating app. Yubo takes a unique “live stream” approach that allows you to interact live with people in your following.

There are also messaging features and chat rooms available for members. The registration process is super easy and takes only a few minutes. Take a look below at our summary compiled from the best reviews to know more about this application.

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How does the sign in/sign up work?

Our yubo review has discovered one of the simplest registration processes here. There is no website, so the user has to download the application on their phone first.

The app starts registration by asking for age. If the member is under 18, there is a special checkbox for parents to grant permission for their child to be on the app. People under 12 are not eligible for the dating service.

Then you have to add some basic personal information. According to the best Yubo.Live reviews, the app will not let you create a profile without the mandatory information and a profile picture. The profile picture has to be clear and crisp, and it must show the user’s face.

After that, you have to confirm your phone number. This is done by adding the OTP sent to the same number that you added. One last step remains after you have confirmed your phone number. Simply read the rules and agree to them to start your online dating experience with sign in

What’s the member structure on this app like?

Reading any Yubo review you’ll discover that it is a popular choice in the younger generation. According to reviews, young adults and teens form the largest demographic for this platform. There are millions of users around the world currently using this app, which makes it one of the most popular dating apps available.

Here are some of the member statistics for

  • Members worldwide: 40 million
  • Members from the United States: 25,000,000
  • Male to Female Ratio: 50:50
  • Monthly new members: 900,000
  • Primary member age distribution: 13 – 25 Years

Matchmaking on – simple and fun!

Even though reviews say it is a dating app; its approach to online dating is slightly different. The app functions more like an online forum for you to meet new people and chat with. This is because the app’s core functionality is live streaming.

Members host their own live streams that people who have connected with them can follow. There can be up to 10 people in a live stream. New people can discover and join your live streams and can leave a comment on it. They can also send you a direct message to start talking. Similarly, you can leave comments and message other people through their live streams as well. According to multiple reviews, this live streaming feature is very popular among the user base.

Messaging other people on this application is completely free. There are chatrooms available as well. People can discover other people in the chat rooms with similar interests and hobbies.

Typical profiles on

Provide screenshot of any user profile

A typical profile on looks very minimalistic. There is a profile picture that forms the main crux of the user profile. There is also some basic information available, but not always since it is not mandatory for users to provide extensive information. Profiles have tags on them to express certain interests to other people on the app.

There are little to no spam accounts on this platform because of two reasons. Number one, profile pictures undergo verification. This is why verified accounts have a yellow badge over them. Profiles that could not pass the verification test in the first try need to download Yoti to try and gain access to the app again. These strict and rigorous checks are in place to ensure that no person under 12 creates a dating profile, and also so that people don’t have multiple dating accounts which can be used for spam. These rigorous checks in place are responsible for so many positive reviews. team also reverse searches the picture uploaded to ensure that people haven’t just uploaded them from the internet. The overall user security and safety are well over satisfactory for this dating app. reviews for the app– is it worth it? is primarily a mobile application. There is no website version available on desktop or mobile. Users have to create their profile on the mobile app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. The design is simple and easy to navigate through. You can also contact the support team from the app to get assistance with anything if required.

You can find a lot of positive Yubo.Live reviews for the app on the app store.

What’s the design and interface like?

The app design is photo-oriented. This means that a large portion of your screen real estate will be spent on user media, be it their profile pictures, streams, or media they send through messaging. According to credible reviews, the overall design of the app appeals to its user base quite well. The youthful colors of the app coupled with sleek, minimalistic design give the app an upper hand over other dating apps.

All the functionalities are available on the bottom of your screen. You always check out streams, send messages, and find people with just one click.

Are there any special features on the app?

Since is designed for a younger and energetic demographic, it only fits that the app offers fun little special features to keep the users occupied. offers three special features that help it gain an advantage over its competitors. These features are:

  • YouTube streams
  • Special lenses
  • & Fun games

You can stream content directly for YouTube on your live streams on the mobile application. There are special lenses available that allow you to interact with several filters to take cool pictures for the platforms. These filters can also be used in live streams. Games like To Be Honest are also available on the mobile app. Many reviews rate these special features as the backbone of the platform.

Yubo app

Security and support on

Since is such an interactive platform, it is easy for certain kinds of mischief to occur. Parents have blamed the app in the past for exposing their teenagers to potentially threatening content. However, none of these reports were ever proven to be true.

As mentioned before, the profile submission process on this app is extremely rigorous. People are required to clearly show their faces in the pictures they upload. Both human and AI fact-checking is carried out on the application to prevent any fake profiles and scam accounts. According to our compilation of the best reviews, the support team for the app is also extremely responsive.

Membership Pricing

All services on are free of cost. The app is free to download as well as free to use. This is because the company believes in creating a platform that is open and accessible to all.

Yubo.Live plan cancellation

Since there are no paid plans, you can’t really cancel anything on However, you can choose to delete your profile if you want to quit the platform and move on to another similar dating application. Deleting your profile is super easy and can be done directly from the mobile application, also one of the reasons for so many positive reviews.

Experts Conclusion

In conclusion, offers so much more than a typical dating app promises. It takes the user on a fun live streaming journey which can then lead them to finding potential partners and spending time with them. The app has excellent security features and caters well to its young demographic. There is also a robust customer service available. On top of all that, the app is free to use which is a great plus for all the people interested in online dating out there!

All of these combines are responsible for thousands of encouraging reviews from users around the world!


Who owns is an online dating application created by Sacha Lazimi. The application started as a web portal by the name Yellow in Paris, France, in 2015.

Is legit? is an internationally recognized, French-based online dating app. With over 40 million users worldwide, the app is also knowns as Tinder for teens!

Can I block another member? reviews note how simple it is to block another member. If you have unwanted attention, go to the person’s profile and select “block” from an options list.

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