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  • Usability: It will impress you again with its color scheme and menus
  • Prices: Most of the services on Ukreine would not cost you anything
  • Security: Many members have uploaded video messages to confirm that it is an authentic and secure site
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Expect no real hassle when signing up on for the very first time.

It took us a couple of minutes to sort everything and complete the whole procedure. The best part is that you expedite the registration process by joining through your Facebook account. It also increases the chances of getting your account approved quickly.

Even if you choose not to go with Facebook, you can enter basic details like first name, last name, and your email to get started. You share some preferences when creating your account, and then you need to go to the profile page to explain more about your requirements. Without your profile, you will not be able to receive relevant matches while using the search function.

But, you can always come back to change your preferences. Overall, we did not notice any trouble creating an account and joining the community to try one of the best free Russian dating sites, called Sign in

Member Structure

Ukreine is essentially a site to connect western men with Ukrainian and Russian women.

They claim to have hundreds of women members, but they do not rely on the traditional dating system where you are free to explore all members and connect with them directly. They have several women members, and they all work with professional psychologists to ensure they are ready for marriage.

It shows that Ukreine works to facilitate real relationships only and bring two consenting adults together to start a family. It also means that women are from Ukraine and Russia, but men are from different European and even Asian countries. So long as you are interested in meeting real Ukrainian women, Ukreine can assist.

Member Structure ukreine com

Matchmaking on

We found it quite interesting to see that Ukreine has a very different take on how two people should connect to start a serious relationship. It is not your regular dating site where you can conduct a search using filters and find members who are ready to connect with you directly.

It is more of a marriage agency where you can come to meet Ukrainian women only. However, we must accentuate the importance of working on your profile because it is what ladies would see and confirm that they want to learn more about you.

First, you will find a woman of choice, and then they will see your profile, so we must say that men will have the upper hand when exploring for matchmaking services. Moreover, there is a “credit” system in place, which means that you will be using credits to send messages to Ukrainian women and get those messages translated.

They offer 18 free credits to get you started, but we noticed that they are not enough to help you find the best match.

Profile Quality

As mentioned already, is more of a marriage agency, and it works only when men pay attention to creating a good profile. Those profiles contain information about the country, occupation, age, hobbies, and other important details about men seeking Ukrainian women.

You will be using credits to grab women’s attention and see if they like your profile or not. The quality of most profiles was just fine, but we could also spot a large percentage of profiles with fake photos. The agency will always be there to assist, so you can always hope to get good results when relying on Ukreine to meet new women.

Profile Quality ukreine App Review

Unfortunately, we did not find any downloadable mobile app for It would have been much better to be able to connect on the go. However, they do have a mobile responsive website that you can easily use in your mobile browser.

The mobile version performs as impressively as the desktop version does. It is worth mentioning that as it is not primarily a casual dating site, you may not be having long discussions before meeting someone. It is more of a marriage agency, so it can definitely do without a mobile app. It all comes down to how you use it to your advantage.

Design and Usability

We found nothing against the design of the website. In fact, you will find it to be a lot more informative than any other “so-called” casual dating sites currently available online. The homepage is quite impressive, with no explicit content.

If you are not ready to register yet, you can find enough information to make up your mind. There are blog articles easily accessible for registered and unregistered users. In terms of usability, it will impress you again with its color scheme and menus. Everything is divided into different categories for easy access. So, as a whole, Ukreine is a user-friendly website with a good navigation system and decent design.

Special Features

One thing you will soon realize about is that it maintains a no-nonsense approach. It means it lacks the usual bells and whistles of casual dating sites, but it still serves the purpose well. You would not find any special features either, but you will find enough female members seeking men for companionship, and that is what matters in the end.

The credit system works flawlessly, but you can also utilize some special discount programs and plans to buy unlimited credits on a monthly basis. You may or may not require those additional credits, but we believe you would need them to explore the platform in full.

Security and Support

Any review would confirm that they have so many success stories associated with them. Many members have also uploaded video messages to confirm that it is an authentic and secure site. The only thing is that it is not a traditional dating site, and you should not treat it like one.

They do not redirect you to other local agencies once you have joined, and it shows their commitment. What makes them secure is that they ask Ukrainian women to come to their office and apply personally. They verify everything to ensure that western men looking for Ukrainian women do not have to go through any hassle. If you contact someone and do not get a positive response, you can always connect with quite responsive support.

Costs and Prices

Most of the services on Ukreine would not cost you anything. You can register for free, join, and start exploring profiles of Ukrainian women. However, you will be spending credits when contacting women you find interesting. You lose 6 credits when you get those messages translated.

At first, we did not really like that system, but again, you have to bear with it because they do not believe in casual dating and work more as a marriage agency. You get 18 free credits to start, and there will be 7 additional credits for uploading your profile with photos.

Once those credits are exhausted, you will have to pay 0.6 Euros to buy every additional credit. You cannot send a message longer than 2500 characters. We believe that it would be better to opt for another plan that gives you unlimited contacts for 50 Euros/month. Cancellation

The does not work like traditional dating sites and mainly relies on a credit system. Therefore, you do not really need to worry about canceling your subscription. There is no money-back guarantee either, so if you opt for a monthly plan for 50 Euros, you cannot get a refund.

You need to know that they do nothing to keep your profile private, so you may have to think of deleting it if you are no longer interested in using their services. Deleting your account is not that tricky, though, and can be done in settings.

Experts Conclusion is popular for modernizing the concept of the mail-order bride. It helps men in the western world find a Ukrainian bride. We did not have any trouble signing up and finding Ukrainian women. But, dealing with the credit system to get those messages delivered and translated was not easy.

There is no doubt about the platform’s authenticity, but it may or may not work for everyone, as those looking for casual dating fun would have to look elsewhere.


Who operates

With offices in Canada and Ukraine, is an increasingly popular dating platform. Founded by Dimitri Berezinakov, the site focuses on finding Ukrainian brides for western men.

Is an authentic site?

As it is a registered company with staff passionate about connecting Ukrainian women with Western men, there is no doubt about its authenticity. Every female member is checked to ensure they are real.

Is it possible to block a member on

There is no need to worry for men because they will make the first move in most cases, and the support staff is always around to help in case anything does not go as planned.

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