The First Kiss Tips for Teenagers You All Need

een dating comes in all different kinds of ways, and each individual will go at their own pace. That could be 100km an hour or a slow, gradual step-by-step process. Whatever suits you, it definitely can’t hurt to prepare for it, even if you plan on holding back for a while. Your first kiss is built up to be this ginormous thing and described as having to be perfect in the media. In reality, it might not be. It could be a bit of a let-down and leave you wondering what all the fuss was about. That is why it is important to wait for a perfect partner to smooch; a random person definitely isn’t worth it.


It is a significant life event and a treasured memory for the rest of your life, while the result won’t matter. Do not put yourself under too much pressure because it is just a kiss. It is a bit of fun, do not dread or feel that not being kissless is a demand to fit in. Peer pressure may drag you down, but the first kiss is such a memorable event you should make it count. Here are some pointers to get you ready for the big moment:

Look Good, Feel Good

For sportsmen, the desire to look their best before a game, match, or performance is natural. Their mantra is if you look good, you feel great, and the result? You play well. This has seen some competitors at the elite or professional level put as much effort into their appearance as they do their training in order to maximize their performance potential. Hair, make-up, shaving body hair, or whatever it may be to get them in the zone.

You can replicate this attitude when preparing for your first kiss. Presuming you know it is coming, you can dress well, look sharp, and feel amazing ahead of the event. If a date from teen dating sites catches you off guard and ‘just happens,’ then go with it, but if you can sense it, then the anticipation alone is enough of an excuse to spruce yourself up and get ready. Your favorite outfit, facial regime, shower or bath, whatever it may be that elevates your confidence, do it.

The Correct Scent

This is a bit easier to pre-empt than the kiss itself. The time of a kiss is unknown and unreachable to a certain extent, but how you smell is in your control. Keep clean and refreshed with regular bathing and deodorant but go the extra mile by adding a scent. Your perfume or aftershave can define you if you wear a regular one or can catch people off guard when they get a whiff of you should you mix it up with different scents. Be careful, wrong scent may break your physical attraction. Once you find one you like, check with your friends you have not made a catastrophic error and go with it. If you always smell fantastic, the day when the kiss occurs, you’ll be ready.

Brush Your Teeth

This may be an obvious one, but some do neglect this. Oral hygiene is a must all year round but becomes especially important if you are expecting a kiss. Add to your brushing by popping a mint or some gum in throughout the day between brushing to supplement and refresh your breath before the kiss occurs.

Full Commitment

If you don’t know what you are doing, that’s ok. Nobody does at first. When the first kiss comes, just go for it. Commit to it rather than do it halfhearted; you will learn more and potentially enjoy more by going all-in than tiptoeing around and being there physically but not mentally.

Too Much Tongue Is no Fun

The commitment we requested from you above means you give it your sole focus, but there is a limit. Don’t go wild and use too much tongue. Mix the tongue motion up with normal kissing to avoid the washing machine effect and drowning each other in saliva. Remember it is a kiss, not a swimming lesson!