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The Do’s and Don’ts of Tinder Dating

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Finding a teen dating date for yourself on Tinder can be difficult, as talking to online strangers can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s easy to make mistakes and come across as unpleasant or uninteresting – but luckily, we’re here to grab you by the hand and guide you towards the right path.

There’s a couple of things to get out of the way before we get started on teaching you how to engage in a conversation:

  1. Destroy your Expectations – A lot of people make a Tinder account with various expectations in mind, such as how they’re going to pull off a hot girl or find the perfect wife on there.

That is self-sabotage! Don’t go on Tinder expecting a date, but to have a leisurely chat with a couple of people with whom you might eventually get together with. Know what to expect, and don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

  1. But Expect Some Effort – If you’re serious about finding the teen dating you’re craving on Tinder, then you have to understand you have to put in some effort in attracting the attention you want.

That means several things, such as being in a healthy mental and emotional mindset, as well as having a quality Tinder profile set up that is going to beckon people to meet you, not make them sneer in disgust.

A good profile consists of pictures that make you look friendly, trustworthy, and attractive and a solid biography that will impress whatever lucky girl comes across your handsome face. You dress to impress when you go out, so why shouldn’t you groom your Tinder profile just the same?

  1. And Don’t Stress – Tinder is full of shallow people that are just looking for validation and even some bad-natured fun. Don’t take it to heart if you’re not getting any success or if people have been mean. This is an online dating application. If it makes you sad or stressed, then just turn your phone off and go relax. You deserve it.

With the basics out of the way, we can get into the best ways in which you can start a chat with a total stranger. So you’ve read a glowing Tinder review, downloaded the application, made a solid profile, set yourself up for nothing but fun, and now you’re wondering how to start a Tinder conversation.

That’s much easier than it sounds. Here’s how.

Expert’s Opinion on Starting Tinder Conversations

Starting a Tinder conversation is much more complicated than starting one in person, as oftentimes, a simple “Hey” or “Hello,” is not going to get you anywhere.

Picture this: there’s twice as many men than there are women on Tinder, which means that every girl on there is probably getting bombarded with dozens of messages by the hour, with most of them being simple, generic greetings.

If you were a woman – would you fall for that? Probably not. Responding back to a “Hi” with a “Hello,” for the 100th time would get boring real quick. That’s why you need to spice things up and actively hook the person you’re talking to so they feel compelled to answer you.

Odds are, if you’re a woman, you don’t need help in starting Tinder conversations. It’s men who usually initiate the conversation, and so you’re not likely to come across a scenario in which you won’t know what to say to a guy you like.

And if you don’t? Then you can actually say “Hi,” as long as you have a solid profile. Men on Tinder don’t usually expect wit and intelligence out of a partner, but a pretty face and some interest.

So how do you hook a person? The easiest way to do it would be through a question. That’s usually how you get someone to respond back to you, as most people love to talk about themselves.

Example: The view in your selfie makes it look awesome. Where did you take that?

This is enough to start a conversation that could last hours, as long as you two share some chemistry between each other. The trick is to pay attention to the conversation, both act and react, and to constantly find ways to keep the chat going if it’s starting to go a little dark.

If your partner seems to lose interest in chatting with you, then no biggie – they probably had something to do. If they’re genuinely not interested, then that’s just as fine, as there’s someone for everyone out there, and that person just isn’t yours.

Another easy way to start off a conversation is with a question about food. If there’s something that all humans share in common, it’s our biological functions. We all have to eat, and we all have favorite foods. What’s theirs?

Example: Hey [Name], quick question: Taco Bell or Burger King?

Food has been a great conversation starter ever since the dawn of human communication. Talk about what you like, ask them what they like, you know the drill – just talk!

If you’re not that much of a questions person and feel confident enough to attempt being more flirty in your pick up attempts, then, by all means, go ahead! Women love a confident flirt. Compliment something about her and find a way to make it witty. You can usually do this by referencing her pictures.

Example: Pretty smile. What makes it come out the most?

On the other hand, one of the best ways to go on about starting a conversation is by referencing something on her bio. For example, she might mention that she loves singing, which is great, as you can ask her more questions about that, which makes her feel validated and appreciated.

Example: Says on your profile you’re an electrician. That’s awesome! How is that like?!

Our last suggestion to starting off a chat with a bang is with a game. We all like playing every once in a while, and it’s a commonly known fact that girls just want to have fun. Why not satisfy their urges? Be playful. It benefits everybody.

Example: Let’s play Two Truths and a Lie. I’ll go first. I’ve…

That should get you started to helping you become a Tinder god! Talking to matches on an online dating application can be difficult, but that’s just because you haven’t yet gotten in the flow.

We believe in you. If you’ve been having trouble with finding matches on Tinder, then take in all our advice, reinstall the application, and get cracking. And when you finally succeed? Leave a good Tinder review. We think it’s good to pet the hand that feeds you.

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