The Best Teen Sex Stories from Dating Sites

Some are very straightforward, basic sexual escapades, whilst others border on fantasy through gay dating apps. Some you will be able to relate to, and others will amaze you with their risque nature. Whatever you find a turn-on or just admire others for attempting, you are sure to enjoy our teen sex story submissions below!


Charlene, 18, from Nottingham

I had fancied my boss from the moment I clapped eyes on him. As I was sitting and waiting for my interview, all dressed up smart and feeling sexy as hell in a bid to make a good impression, he walked towards me, and I felt a tingle in my loins. His tight trousers left nothing to the imagination, and the bulge on display was particularly impressive, to say the least. If it hung like that in work, then imagine what it could do once I got hold of it, I thought.

All the way through the interview, I envisaged myself sucking his cock, not paying attention to anything he was saying. Knowing I had not really been in the room and would not get the job from what I had said, I had to take action into my own hands to secure employment, and I was going to have some fun doing it.

When he was summarising, I began to unbutton my blouse. Nothing too revealing but enough to show him a glimpse of cleavage and distract him as I suggestively played with my pen like it was something else in my hand. As he struggled to maintain his composure, I slid my chair back away from the table and, whilst uncrossing my legs, delayed long enough for him to get a clear view of my black lace panties under my skirt and crossed them again as if nothing had happened.

I declined to ask any further questions and, knowing that my work here was done, walked slowly with swagger out of the room, knowing he was watching my every move. I had the job offer within the hour, and I got to play with that hunk as part of my company induction on my first day.

Gary 19, from Essex

I regularly take the dog for a walk in the nearby woods close to my house. It is mostly deserted and vast enough for him to run freely without fear of bumping into anyone, which suits us both perfectly. I usually go alone for some peace and quiet, but on this occasion, my girlfriend was bored on her day off and begged to come with us, wanting to see the woods I was always banging on about. A few minutes had passed, and we were now in the deeply covered ground without a soul in sight, so I let the pooch off the lead, and off he went happily amongst the trees and bushes.

We soon came across a deserted old building with a half-built shelter and decided to explore it. As I entered, my girlfriend spun me around and pushed me against the wall; as I slid down the wall into a sitting position, I watched on as she began to unbutton her shorts and pull her knickers down. Before I knew it, she was riding me at a frantic pace, and I shot my load into her dripping wet pussy.

Gay teen sex stories


Simon, 19, from Reading

I play for a homosexual football team, and as a preseason ritual, the captain picks two of the new signings to join him in the showers as part of their initiation. Having just completed my first season, I knew it would not be me this time around, but after the amazing time I had when I joined last summer, I saw them dropping their towels and got extremely jealous. I could not handle it; knowing what they would be getting up to; I had to at least watch. As I arrived, the two new boys were spit-roasting the skipper, and he gestured to me with his finger to join them. The rest is history!

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Rachel, 18, from Hull

My partner and I were watching an incredibly boring film in the cinema that was so bad I decided to get my phone out. There was only one other couple in the room, and they were about twenty rows in front of us, so it would not disturb them. Before I could even unlock the home screen, my girlfriend grabbed my phone and stuck it in between her legs before saying, ‘come and get it.’ She seductively opened her legs slowly to reveal she was not wearing any knickers under her dress and my phone was there covering her bare and waiting for me to dive in for a second pick and mix treat of the day.