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  • Usability: Teenchat.com is easy to comprehend even for a non-tech savvy person
  • Prices: 6.79 AUD for 3 months
  • Special Features : Forums, Chat Rooms, Friend Requests
  • Security: One of the security measures is making sure the account of each user is verified after signing in
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This app is one of the teen Dating Apps popular today. It was launched in 2002, and it is mainly meant for teen people across the world. It is a dating site aiming to bring together teenagers from different locations under one community to express love among themselves.

To become a member of Teenchat.com, the registration is free. However, as prospective users, you must provide your name, location, age, email address, and a good profile picture. Aside from that, you need to state your goal of becoming a member.

After all, these are done, the verification of your account would follow. To become verified on this dating site takes few seconds. That means that it is almost done after submitting the necessary things. As a user of Teenchat.com, you must be ready to abide by the rules and regulations of the dating site.

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Member Structure

Teenchat.com has been specifically designed for a teen between the ages of 13-19 years. With members up to 470,000 from the US apart from other places, you should know that the dating site controls a huge fan base. The percentage of active users weekly is 37,000.

Besides that, the ratio of its male to female users is 62% to 38%. With this calculation, there are more male users, which means there is a higher opportunity to contact other members easily.

Matchmaking On Teenchat.com

Matchmaking on Teenchat.com is one of the easiest things for teenagers. This is because there are many users on the site from all walks of life. Although there is an age limitation of 13-19, you will always find many teens willing to become friends or date partners.

You are expected to follow the profile upload protocol and get a partner within a short moment. However, in a situation whereby a response you get from a user is not palatable enough, you are encouraged to try other users. Getting partners on Teenchat.com is easy because the site is always in active mode 24/7.

Profile Quality

To win a heart on Teenchat.com, your profile must captivate other members, which boils down to your profile quality. On Teenchat.com, there are various means to make your profile look attractive. Among them are themes for customization and username colour. You can also change your profile information after registering on the site.

Also, one picture can be uploaded as a primary photo. In all these, the emphasis remains that the profile must meet all requirements to attract other teen users to the dating site. Also, it is possible to find out more about a user from the information they provide on their profile.

Among the things that users can know about themselves through the profile, upload an age, gender, location, reason for joining the site, and other vital information.

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Teenchat.com App Review

For now, there is no mobile app available on Teenchat.com. However, the dating site has a mobile version that is free to use without any downloading. It is 100% reliable because it functions the same way the web version does. Apart from that, it is highly convenient for teens for free browsing.

With these sophisticated alternatives, teens can join chat groups, add and accept friend requests from any location, and send personal messages without stress. With this, it is a lot easier to connect with your fellow teens all over the world with the comfort of your phone.

Design And Usability

Teenchat.com is highly sophisticated with an attractive design with a purple and white theme when it has to do with design and usability. Besides that, the design is not clumsy or appearing to be shouty; it is a top-notch design.

In the aspect of its usability, Teenchat.com is easy to comprehend even for a non-tech savvy person. Although it is only a website version, an optimized mobile version correlates with Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and google chrome.

Special Features

Teenchat.com is one of the reliable teen dating sites that anyone can trust when treating their teen users with utmost good things. There are both the paid and the free features. Users can register, create their chatroom, and send messages to other teenagers on the free features. Also, the special features have many lined-up programs for the benefits of the teens.

Among the programs that have been put together to make each user feel comfortable with the site are:

Forums: Forums are like blogs that are put in place to educate and entertain teens. On this platform, there are posts on video games, school shootings, television series, and dating series, among other things. There is also an opportunity to read on the topics and comment on each series on how the users feel. This series is in no way like the group chats because it is free of any sexual content. It is a 100% teen-oriented series for teens’ mental, academic, physical, psychological, and social growth.

Chat Rooms: It is a place that accommodates many teens, and it supports teens in freely expressing their sexual desires. The chatroom gives the opportunity of hanging out and meeting new members for dating or casual friendship.

Friend Requests: It has been designed like the common social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others that everyone is familiar with. On the friend request special features, users can either send or receive friend requests. Once you are officially a friend of other users, other friends close to your friends will appear on your friends’ list. You can add them and conversations keep flowing this way.

Security And Support

Although Teenchat.com is a teen-based dating site, some measures have been put to keep teens out of danger. One of the security measures is making sure the account of each user is verified after signing in. Although, there are instances whereby many users with fake accounts pop up and trying to lure teens into illicit activities, and this is as a result of the site not putting up strict measures on account verification.

If you experience any of these inconsistencies, you have the opportunity of reporting such an account to the admin for proper investigation. Also, teenagers are urged to be careful with anyone they encounter on the site and carry their parents along in their dealings.

On customers support, the administrators, as well as their assistants, are always available 24/7 online. They will attend to questions that may pop up in your mind concerning the site or the members. This helps to create a tension-free use of the site.

Cost And Pricing

To use Teenchat.com, the cost requirement is very minimal compared to other teen dating sites. Among the features users are bound to enjoy on the paid features are changing their username, using special emojis, view chat history, disable unwanted advertisements, be on the top list by getting the diamond icon, customizing username and text colour, and sending a link as well as an image to a chat.

These benefits are based on subscription and duration of use. Users can pay through Direct debit or Credit Card.

Teenchat.com Cancellation

Since the registration process is easy and direct, it is the same policy that applies to the cancellation of your account. To cancel your account on Teenchat.com, you can do that on profile settings. However, this process applies to users with a verified account.

Expert’s Conclusion

There is no more exciting teens platform for meeting like Teenchat. com. This is because it gives a lot of opportunities for teenagers to be able to meet each other and share ideas on a variety of topics, including sexual issues. The site has well-structured facilities for sending messages and files.

Although the site has met all the requirements of having a good standard for the organization of its programs, its security standards are, however, porous, which has made it easy for users to fall prey. Among the insecurity levels on the site is the easy sign-up without account verification; users can lie about their age since there are no strict measures to find out.

Also, based on what society has turned out to be on the concept of sex, most times, the issues discussed among these teenagers are mostly sex-saturated. However, the concept behind this site is great for teenagers who are willing to make good use of it by meeting friends and developing positive mindsets and habits.


Who Owns Teenchat.com?

It is an offshoot of the ChatAvenue dating site. This means exceptional developers make them.

Is Teenchat.com legit?

Yes, it is 100% legit. They are a spin-off of another dating site that is both licensed and trusted. This alone is enough to rank this site as completely safe. However, they went further to also place this teen-friendly site under complete regulation and scrutiny.

Can I block another user on Teenchat.com?

Yes, go online and just select the profile of the person you want to block; click the drop-down menu on the page and select block contact. That is all; you have blocked the contact for as long as you deem fit.

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