Chatting Apps for Teens

Aussies love to text. Most of their communication is done through these messaging and chatting apps. Not all chatting apps are made for teens only. Free teen dating sites have safety features and may even have the option for parental control.

Apps created for middle school Aussies will have stricter safety features that give relief to the parents. However, even with the safety features, it is important to be careful when using different apps and understanding their maturity level.

What Chatting Apps Are for Teens in 2021?

There are many different messaging and chatting apps that have been created for the internet. 80% of these app users are teens, making it one of the best dating sites. Here are some of the most popular chatting apps that teens use for texting, chatting, meeting, dating, or even making friends.

CheekyLovers Sign Up

Cheekylovers is a well-known free teen dating site that allows singles from all over the world to meet. Users can find dates, hookups, and companions on cheekylovers. The registration is done by filling the form. Free members can upload only one profile picture, whereas paid members can change it as many times as they like.

Cheekylovers has a dating app for both android and iOS. You can easily download the chatting app for free. This app is free to use. New users can also create their profiles on the app for free. Cheekylovers offer monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly subscriptions. Also, it offers a three-day trial membership where the user can determine whether or not to subscribe to their plans.


  • You can register for free on the website and through the chatting app
  • The monthly subscription cost is moderate
  • There are many members on the site
  • It has many free features
  • The website is easy to navigate through


  • There have been many fake profiles on the site
  • New users may receive fake requests, so they subscribe to a paid plan
  • There are many ads
  • There have been complaints about shady deals for renewal
  • There is no refund when you cancel your subscription


Plan 1: 1 month

  • Price of the plan: $34.99
  • Average price per month: $34.99
  • Users’ savings on the plan: 0%

Plan 2: 3 months

  • Price of the plan: $59.96
  • Average price per month: $19.99
  • Users’ savings on the plan: 43%

Plan 3: 6 months

  • Price of the plan: $95.94
  • Average price per month: $15.99
  • Users’ savings on the plan: 54%


Google hangouts

Google hangouts main page

Google hangout is a chatting app that is built in the free version of Gmail. Moreover, it offers video chat. On Hangouts, you can chat with anyone that has a Google account, whether paid or free. Hangouts work everywhere. It works on mobile and desktop browsers.


  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile video conferencing
  • Integration with other Google-based tools


  • Security
  • Integration into the formal corporate toolset
  • Integration into Office365

Pricing Plan

It is free and informal; therefore, the cost is not an issue.



viber main page

Viber is an excellent app for messaging and calling your friends for free around the world. Moreover, you have the option to make video calls. You can also use your friend’s actual phone number to have the app on their mobile phones.

When you run the app, you will have to enter the phone number and access your contacts. Once you are set up, you can see the contact list of those who also use Viber.


  • A username or password isn’t required to register
  • Unlimited free voice, video, and text messaging
  • Group text messages
  • Cheap calls to landline and mobile numbers


  • Not as popular as it once was
  • Poor quality as compared to Skype and WhatsApp
  • No secure and private communication


It’s free to sign up and use.



Textfree main page

TextFree is a mobile teen chat app used for texting. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. After downloading the app on your phone, you will have to approve access to a few other apps such as contacts, photos, location, etc.

Once you have approved these permissions, you will have to create an account with a username and a password. You will have to fill in some more information, and your app is ready to use.


  • Simple and easy to navigate through
  • Ability to connect with other social platforms like Facebook
  • Friends without the app can still receive your messages


  • Lacking in features
  • Privacy concern
  • Can’t keep your phone number
  • Outbound calling costs
  • International calling costs except for the US and CA
  • Ads appear with the free version


It is a free chatting app.



Which Chatting Apps for Teens I Can Trust? is one of the online chatting apps that you can rely on.

How Do Chatting Apps for Teens Work?

A chat app requires a messaging app, a server, and a persistent connection. Without any of these three components, you cannot chat with anyone online.

How to Choose the Best Chatting Apps for Teens?

When choosing the best chatting app for teens, you want to look for:

  • Low registration cost
  • Safety and security
  • Best reviews online