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  • Usability: You can easily navigate through it even if you are new to using it.
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  • Special Features : Live video chatting, Short videos
  • Security: Snapchat provides you with a basic level of privacy
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Snapchat sign in/sign up

To sign up for a new account on Snapchat takes just a few minutes and steps to get it done and start using the social networking platform. The first thing to do in creating an account is to get the app downloaded on your device.

You can check through the official downloading app or site of your device for this. You can as well make do of the online account once you have gotten the app downloaded or are on the official web page of Snapchat. Make a secure password you preferred to you use in accessing your account, enter your valid email address followed by your birthday, and hit on “sign up.”

After that, you will be required to enter your mobile number for verification, and the SMS code sent to your number will be input. However, this can be skipped to log in and start networking.

Snapchat sign in

Member structure

Snapchat is one of the chatting apps for teens photo messaging app which allows users to share photos with other members on the platform. The photos shared are not kept with the receiver of the photo as it has a time limit. As time went by, it incorporated video exchanging into its features.

On the app, you can also send text and place time limits on them, which will disappear after the time-out. It can also be used for live video chatting, messaging to create caricature-like Bitmoji avatars. The app has a discovery area where short-form content is published.

With this platform, you can connect with different users and go in a private group chat. The app is a lively social media app that allows connection with different people. Snapchat is a platform for instant communication through mobile devices. When mentioning the top and most popular social networking platform that is mostly in use by millions of people worldwide, Snapchat is one of the high rankings.

Since the time it was developed, it keeps having a wide and astronomical increase in member structure daily. This is due to the entertaining and lively features and how it has been connecting people effortlessly. Over a billion people have signed up and are using Snapchat worldwide.

The number of users hasn’t by chance decrease but has to keep skyrocketing day in, day out.

Snapchat member structure

Matchmaking on Snapchat

Over time, things have been taking a new leave on Snapchat. The platform is now being used for different purposes and intentions. However, Snapchat was developed to connect friends and send pictures, videos, and live video chat. But in this present time, it is used for dating to find a partner for love and hookup. Even sex-chatting can also be found on Snapchat.

However, not all users on the platform are in for such. Some users sign up to have fun, get entertained, and meeting new people through live video chat. Since the social networking site has allowed dating, people have found it to be the most guaranteed and reliable means for finding dates and hookups. Send the first message to someone on Snapchat asking for a date or hookup does not always yield a positive result.

The users will find it strange to give a positive response. But as time goes on, chatting and doing a live video chat, one might eventually meet with other users with the same intention of finding a date or hookup on Snapchat.

Profile Quality

On Snapchat, the quality of the information provided on each user’s profile differs from one person to the other. For some, there is enough information on their profile account to have firsthand knowledge of who they are and why they are on Snapchat. While some other members on the app, it is very difficult to use the information on their profile to get information about them.

All you will see on their profile information is their full name and date of birth. So, to have the right knowledge about other members with no much information about themselves on their profile, you will need to make a rapport with them and get to know them while having a live video chat. Some of the users on Snapchat choose to give scanty information about themselves to not get porous in terms of their security.

Profile Quality snapchat

Snapchat app review

Snapchat is fully functionally and used through its app than on the website. Being a social networking platform, it creates ease for the users to take advantage of the app’s features easily. You can easily get the app downloaded on Google play store and app store for iPhone users.

Snapchat has an encouraging review on the store where users can get them downloaded. The review rating that comes with it on the store is 4.3/5.0. Users that have downloaded the app have lots of things to say concerning it. With Snapchat, you can share video pictures text with other users, and you can also engage in live video chat with other members on the app.

Your status, video, photos, and statuses are recorded online, which friends can have access to view easily. The app comes with a daily update with zero or little changes to the functionality. On some devices, after updating, users may have difficulties accessing the app properly.

Design and Usability

I love the app and the design of the web page.

The colour yellow and white that it is designed with gives some unique attributes and aesthetics. Not only that, the flexibility that comes with using Snapchat can’t be compared to other social networking types in its class.

You can easily navigate through it even if you are new to using it. Once you can link up with your contacts or social media account like Facebook, you won’t find it difficult to find an interlocutor. It is very easy and simplified.

Special Features

The features that Snapchat is developed with have been an attractive point to it.

The features contribute to why the social media platform is used for dating and hookups. On Snapchat, you can send a video, picture, or message to your friends and add time limits to it, which in seconds it will disappear from the receiver’s inbox.

You can make live video chatting on Snapchat, send short videos, and lots more. All your media can as well be stored in the private space that has been provided. To make your photo and video sharing more aesthetic, there are filters and AR-based lenses to snaps and show live location on the world map.

Security and support

When using social networking app or site, one major consideration is the security measure to safeguard users from falling victims to internet fraudsters and hackers. On Snapchat, there may be different fake accounts, but most time, it is always difficult to scale through as there is a live video to know if the owner of the account is real or fake.

Though, like other social networking platforms, it is inevitable for spammers and hackers to sneak in. To stay safe, it’s expected to use a strong password which will be difficult to access.

Costs and Prices

Snapchat is an application for sending photos and videos, texts, and drawings. It is free to make use of the app, both downloading the app and message sending. But to take advantage of some things like the filters, which may not be fully available, you can opt-in for a subscription on this.

Snapchat cancellation

To cancel your Snapchat account means you want to delete your account. To do this, go to the accounts portal and type in your username to get it deleted. While deactivated, your friends won’t see your account. After 30 days of deactivating your account, it will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

Experts Conclusion

There is no gainsaying that Snapchat is a nice platform to meet new and lively people to be friends with. You can enjoy lots of features on the app and get entertained through lots of activities going on on Snapchat.

You can also use Snapchat to find a date and hookups as the platform has been optimized to cater to this among users. Several people have met with someone through live video group chats.


Who owns Snapchat?

Snapchat is developed and owned by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. These two are renowned app developers.

Is Snapchat legit?

Snapchat is a legit social networking platform to make use of. It is used by millions and has both licensing and authorization to operate around the world.

Can I block another Snapchat member?

Yes, you can block another member on Snapchat easily. You simply need to go to find the account you wish to block. Hover around the three-dot menu near their profile and select block contact.

You can manage your blocked contact through your setting page. Here you can unblock anyone or view your list of blocked people.

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