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  • Usability: Russian-Dating loads up quickly, and once you open it, it's easy to navigate the platform
  • Prices: Russian-Dating is entirely free of any cost
  • Special Features : Filters for Search, The Webcam, Who's Online
  • Security: Russian-Dating does profile validation for new users and conducts background checks to ascertain their authenticity
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If you’re looking for free Russian dating sites, then you must have bumped into tens or hundreds of them online. However, knowing which one can serve your dating interest without risking your safety or burning a hole in your pocket is never easy.

We realized the challenge of choice is a growing concern, with thousands of free dating sites budding annually.

Although Russian-Dating membership is open to anyone, new users must be at least 18 years to sign up.

The signup process is quick and easy, with most fields optional. You can decide to leave others blank so that you edit them later. However, a complete profile would favor your success on the website.

The signup is in two main stages – the first stage requires you to feed in your gender, country, nickname, and email address. The email will be used to validate your account.

The second stage is the most detailed and requires a lot of information. These include your city, date of birth, marital status, height, weight, and so much more. Finally, a section at the bottom of the page allows you to describe yourself in a few words.

The site leaves the creation of a complete and descriptive profile to the discretion of its users. However, you only have good chances of being noticed by other users if you have a complete and detailed profile.

New users can upload up to 5 photos to their profile. There is a manual approval process for photos being uploaded.

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Member Structure

This platform is mainly for singles from Russia but largely hosts members from other parts of the world. Our Russian-Dating review revealed that about 65% of users on the platform are actually non-Russians.

It’s like most of these foreign members are signing up to find the Russian singles.

The dating site has over 100,000 users worldwide, with most of them hailing from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, UK, Australia, and Austria. The number of males using the site seems to outweigh their female counterparts. Male users form about 60% of the membership.

The age range is diverse, with some members as young as 20 years while others are 55+ years. It is an impressive distribution with great chances to meet new different people every time you log in. However, we realized that most female users on the site are older.

Many of them are aged between 30-50 years.

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Matchmaking on Russian-Dating

Russian-Dating uses various filters to suggest potential matches to its members. The main ones that define the suggestions are gender, age, location, city, height, weight, marital status, and religion. During matchmaking, the information will be fetched from your profile.

It means having most of the parts filled increases your chances of meeting a compatible partner.

Chatting and messaging functions are the main ways to make contact with other members on the site. All the communication services are free and open to every user. Feel free to enter a group chat to connect for fun discussions and share information that may equip you with tips to succeed on the platform.

Once you find someone you like, you can shift and start a private chat with them.
Russian-Dating has a webcam communication feature that allows you to chat live and see what your potential partner looks like before meeting in person.

Matchmaking on Russian-Dating

Profile Quality

Most profiles on the platform provide enough information to understand what other members are looking for on the dating website. All details you feed about your city, age, location, religion, marital status, height, weight, etc., will be displayed on your profile. Nudity is forbidden on profile photos.

The profile pictures are visible to everyone for free, and you can upload as many as 5 photos if you like. As a member, you’re free to edit your profile anytime.

Russian-Dating allows you to create a short video profile in addition to the profile pictures. The video should reveal who you are and what you’re seeking on the site. Utilize the feature to make your profile special and stand out from the rest of the competition.

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Russian-Dating Dating App Review

Russian-Dating doesn’t have a mobile app yet. However, even without an application for both Android and iOS devices, the website has a responsive web design. Users can access the dating website on any device as the page will change to fit the size of the device’s screen.

It means you can access and flirt on the site using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Design and Usability

The website has a simple and straightforward design. It loads up quickly, and once you open it, it’s easy to navigate the platform. Russian-Dating relies on many factors provided on your profile to suggest potential partners. It’s easy to find your perfect match with a complete profile.

The search filters will depend on the profile information like gender, age, location, marital status, height, weight, religion, etc., to bring ideal matches your way. Location filters seem to be the most active, as suggested matches would mostly be people nearby. We found out that most users find the platform’s usability above average.

Special Features

Although the website doesn’t have much in terms of special features, there are a few functions you can explore. Most users love the idea of creating a video profile aside from the profile photos. After clicking on the men’s gallery or women’s gallery, you’re instantly taken to user profiles.

Filters for Search – A few filters are provided at the top of the page that can help you narrow down your search for an incredible date. The search filters rely on profile information such as gender, age, marital status, weight, height, eye color, users currently online, and more.

The Webcam – This feature boosted the site’s popularity during Coronavirus lockdown. As a member, you can also enjoy group and video chats.

Who’s Online – This feature displays the total count of men and women online at the moment. It gives you a forecount of the number of prospective dates available for you.

Security and Support

Russian-Dating does profile validation for new users and conducts background checks to ascertain their authenticity. The site takes security seriously and strives to treat the information provided by its users with integrity. It also uses SSL software to ascertain data safety and user privacy during interactions.

Violating the guidelines as the terms dictate may see your account deleted or banned. There is also an online support team that strives to sort the challenges they bump on while on the platform. The online security team can also investigate and remove fake accounts if you come across one with suspicious activities.

Costs and Prices

Russian-Dating is entirely free of any cost. Users can easily surf through different sections without paying a penny. Even so, there are not many special features to explore and make your online interactions quite exciting. We realized that users could browse through the popular profiles on the site even before you complete your signup process or profile registration.

Russian-Dating Cancellation

Russian-Dating allows its users to cancel their membership by deleting their accounts. To delete your profile, open the homepage and swipe left to see the main menu. Next, click on your profile photo and scroll to the bottom. You’ll see two options to choose from: Disable profile or Delete profile.

Disabling your profile makes it unavailable on the platform until you decide to reactivate it. Deleting your profile lets you lose every piece of information on it, never to be recovered.

Experts Conclusion

Many Russian dating sites and apps exist but singling one that is comparably safer and having minimal fake profiles floating on them is not easy. Our Russian-Dating review reveals that it’s costless to register on the site. The website is also secure enough, has fewer fake profiles, and caters to protect its users’ information.

Most users on the platform are active and real. Now that we’ve explored the various aspects of Russian-Dating, it makes it easy to choose whether to sign up and try the site or not. There is a lot to improve your chances on the free website. However, always be keen on the online scammers that don’t seem to escape any online dating site.


Who is an owner of Russian-Dating?

The identity of who owns the site seems to be a well-guarded secret. The website shares no information on the owner or the parent company.

Is Russian-Dating a legitimate dating site?

Russian-Dating is a legitimate dating site boasting thousands of members worldwide. Although it has faced complaints of a few fake accounts, it hosts several real users.

How can I block another Russian-Dating member?

While logged in to your account, click on the profile you want to block and click on the Block User button.

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