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Ourteennetwork is one of the teen dating apps meant for teen users across the globe. It is a dating site that seeks to leverage young ones to mingle with other teens from a different environment and start relationships and friendships.

To benefit from the juicy offers of, it is important to follow the laid down rules of the dating community. Signing up is free, and users are to provide information on their name, age, location, email address and upload a profile photo that shows that they are legit.

A verification of their account follows this. Users of have no issues whatsoever when it has to do with registering and verifying their account. It only takes few seconds, and all is set.

Member Structure is for teens across all strata of society, irrespective of their locality. It is a dating site that accommodates teenagers from age 15 upwards for social interaction. dating site boasts over 200,000 users from all places globally, with a percentage of 53% active users weekly.

With a higher percentage of male users, it makes it better and easier to find a hookup or friends among the members in the chatroom.

Matchmaking On

No teen dating site does it better when it comes to easy matchmaking than This dating site has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it has all it takes to make the matchmaking process easy. The site keeps increasing daily as a result of its flexibility in treating its users.

In response to this, teenagers use and keep inviting their loved ones to become a member. Although the age limitation of users is 15-19, it has no negative effects on the growing strength of the site. As a new member, to get a suitable casual friend or a date, click on the site through your mobile device and sign in. Provide the necessary things and enjoy the best moment with your fellow teens around the world.

Profile Quality

It all boils down to uploading a good profile and applying the same rules on every dating site. As a prospective user of any dating site, it is important to upload a good profile because this is the central attraction of other members. has made it easy to find other users’ personal information since your profile is well-deserving of such. The site has some special designs that users can use to customize their profile to attract other teenagers since teenagers fancy colourful themes. However, as a user, make sure the information you are supplying is true, including your profile picture.

This is because impersonation is a great offence, and you can be penalized by restricting your account.

Ourteennetwork App Review

To make contact with other teens, has an app that is all device-friendly. To download and install it on the Google Play store, go to the google play store on your device, type the Ourteennetwork app, and download and it to your device.

To install it on your device, launch it by clicking on ” Launch” After doing this, a new tab will be opened where you be redirected to Ourteennetwork. By using the app, you can access the site from sources other than your mobile phone, making it better for teens who have access to the internet only through their laptops or desktops.

Design And Usability

It is designed with users’ tastes in mind. has been programmed to be suitable for all users, whether technologically oriented or not. It has no strict rules other than going in line and registering for free. Not only that, but it is usable with chrome, google, opera mini, and other mobile versions. So far, there is data and a well-connected network; any user can connect even from the comfort of their rooms.

Security And Support

Regardless of the dating site being about teenage people, some strict measures have been put to incurs sanity to some extent. The reason for doing that is because most times, teenagers are prone to misusing opportunities given to them by their parents or elderly ones.

To put this in check, has made sure that everyone that signs up to become a member of the dating site must undergo profile verification. This is to make sure that other users are secured from any threat, among which is being defrauded by unsuspecting members. Apart from that, there have been instances of teenagers bullying or harassing one another in reality.

In many cases, teenagers have become victims of suicide in different categories. To make sure that the users are well protected from such, there is an opportunity for users to report any behaviour that is not warranted or block any user with an untoward attitude. In the same light, the administrators of are always available online to provide answers to any question from members.

Ourteennetwork Cancellation

The process of cancelling one’s membership is quite easy. For members who are no longer interested in using due to one reason or the other, log into your account and go to the profile settings. Follow the instructions you see on the dashboard to deactivate your account.

Expert’s Conclusion

What else can be said about the dating site that has the best interest of all its users at heart? On, users are welcome from every part of the universe irrespective of their status, religion, height, colours, and lots more. Ourteennetwork. com is a warm environment that gives all its users equal opportunity without playing favouritism.

This is a call to parents who might not feel secured about the company their wards, in reality, to subscribe for their children With Ourteennetwork dating site. With that, it would be is easier to monitor the company their wards keep.

Not only that, but it is safer to monitor kids; the site has also put on security measures to make sure that kids are safe from many evils that might thrive on the site. As a dating site, it has made boosting the self-esteem of teenagers by helping them to feel free to express how they feel among other teenagers. It impacts them positively in social, academic, and career life, among other things.


Who Owns

It is owned and built by Mora Lopez, a dating app developer.

Is Ourteennetwork legit?

Yes, it is legit for all dating activities. It is licensed and regulated.

Can I block another user on

Yes, you can block another user by login in and following the guild lines.

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