Naughty Dating Sites in Australlia

Let’s be honest: casual sex is all the rage these days! More and more single Aussies are deciding that they don’t want the restraints of a long-term, dedicated relationship, instead opting for the fun & flirtatious experience of casual encounters. As such, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of free naughty dating sites that have countless singles signing up every day!

Of course, just because something is “free” doesn’t always mean it’s worth using. In fact, many of the best naughty dating sites are paid services. How you find someone to hook up with depends entirely on where you live if you want to spend any money, and how fast you want to meet with someone. There are a few advantages paid services to have over the free ones, though, such as:

  • Larger user bases (generally)
  • More features (like video calling)
  • Better privacy features (for when you don’t want to publicize your sex life)

Are the Naughty Dating Sites Worth Using in 2021?

We’re glad you asked! As mentioned above, Aussies have a choice between free or paid websites for their online sex dating escapades. Below, we’ve created a list of five services that we’re sure will help you get laid, no matter where in Australia you live. Even better, many of the services can actually be used while traveling, making it, so you never have to worry about getting laid while out & about!

All of the sites below have unique features to them as well as the standard features you’d expect like chat & matchmaking. Since they’re all designed specifically to help you find sex, you won’t need to bother with sappy openers or icebreakers when using these sites! Ready to get laid? Here are the sites you need to check out today!

IAmNaughty-reviewStarting off our list of the best hookup sites is, a popular online hookup community. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then this definitely isn’t the place to find it since the vast majority of users are only interested in one-time hookups (or, at most, a “Friends With Benefits” relationship). Joining this platform instantly connects you with over half a million other singles; if you don’t want to pay, free membership allows Aussies to send up to five messages a day for free! However, unlimited messaging does require a premium membership (which starts at $13.20/month). IAmNaughty doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, but you can access it via any device with a web browser.IAmNaughty-review2


NaughtyDate-reviewNaughtyDate is another browser-only service that helps single Aussies find quick sex. Surprisingly, people of all ages use this website, although there have been some reports of fake accounts (which makes it hard to accurately report the user base). The site layout is fairly standard, making it feel somewhat uninspired. Still, NaughtyDate is very straightforward and easy to use, which may be appealing to singles who don’t feel like dealing with complicated matchmaking systems. In addition to text/picture/video messaging, NaughtyDate also allows singles to connect via “Flirtcast,” a unique multi-user messaging tool! Some features are available for free, but you’ll need to grab a premium membership if you want to get the most out of this website (prices begin at $17.70/month).NaughtyDate-review2

VISIT SITE for Aussies over the age of 18, BeNaughty is a popular online dating & hookup service that currently has half a million members and counting. People of all ages use this site, although the site is most popular for singles between the ages of 18 to 24. Surprisingly, there are actually more female members than male members, making it a great option for men looking to hook up. The site design is fairly standard. While it definitely won’t stand out much from similar dating services, the simplistic layout makes it easy for old-timers & new-timers alike to use. The most unique feature BeNaughty has to offer is “Flirtcast,” a feature that allows members to send out mass icebreakers to multiple users at once! The site can be used for free, but you’ll definitely want a membership to get the most out of this site. Prices vary, with short-term and long-term plans available. BeNaughty can be accessed via a web browser or by downloading the dedicated Android app.benaughty users


GetNaughty-reviewA somewhat new site to the online hookup community, we weren’t able to find any information on GetNaughty’s user base size. Still, a quick glance & trial of the website revealed an active user base, even though we weren’t able to get any statistics. Like many other online dating sites, GetNaughty uses a basic template that most Aussies will be able to navigate with ease. New members can send five messages to five different people, but continued use of the site will require a premium membership. Prices begin at $15.15 per month.GetNaughty-review2



FriendFinder-X-reviewFar more risqué than the sites listed above is FriendFinder-X, an x-rated online hookup community. If you’re not a fan of constant nudity, then this is perhaps a site you’d better avoid (although you can limit the nudity using the nudity filters). At over 20 years old, FriendFinder-X boasts a large community of 90+ million users worldwide. Aussies can use this site to find casual hookups, lookup sex advice, and even watch live nude camera streams! Like most sites, you’ll need to get a premium membership to enjoy everything this site has to offer (which starts at $14.95/month), but FriendFinder-X offers its cam feeds & a couple of other features for free. You can access this site via mobile-optimized or desktop browsers, but there isn’t a dedicated mobile version available.FriendFinder-review2


Start Your Sexy Adventures with Naughty Dating Today!

With all of the options listed above, it’s doubtful you’ll have a challenge finding which site to use. Rather, the question is, which site should you use? Actually, it depends! First, you’ll want to consider where you live. A site that has a lot of local users will likely help you get laid much faster than one that does not. On the other hand, you might meet different people on a lesser-used site, making it worth checking out anyway! You also want to consider features: do you want to exchange photos or save the exposure to your actual meetup? Of course, the cost is important as well.

Some sites may charge you a membership fee to use all of their features, but this actually isn’t as bad as you’d think. After all, think about how much you’d normally spend on a night out just hoping to find a hookup? This way, you might have to pay, but you’re basically guaranteed to get laid. Obviously, this is much better! So, why are you still reading? Pick one of the sites above, make an account, & get a sexy partner in your bed tonight!


Which Naughty Dating Sites Can I Trust?

Out of all of the sites listed above, we’ve had the best luck on!

How Do Naughty Dating Sites Work?

Naughty dating sites work just like traditional dating sites, in the sense that you can message and flirt with other singles looking to hook up.

How Do I Date a Naughty Single?

Mose people on these dating sites seek a “friends with benefits” arrangement, whereas some may only be interested in a one-time hookup.