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Kippoapp is one of the popular Gamer Dating sites that allows gamers to meet, interact, and form relationships based on their shared passion for video games. It appears to be the ideal app for meeting like-minded people online who understand what it’s like to be enthusiastic about video games, with its ostensibly fashionable and millennial-targeted style. You may create your profile and modify it whatever you like to bring out your inner geek.

Is it worth the time, money, and effort which you could spend playing your favourite game? Can you genuinely meet genuine individuals who share your interests? Is it feasible to make genuine relationships and friendships, as well as maybe establish a relationship?

Read on for our in-depth analysis of Kippoapp, in which we dive into what makes it a superb tool for gamers.

Kippoapp Sign Up

Signing up with Kippoapp is a breeze. Instead of an email address or a social network account, simply provide your phone number when registering or checking in. You are also not required to authenticate your account. This trendy dating app, unlike Tinder, does not provide desktop services. You may visit their website, but all you’ll find are some imaginative comic strips. You must be a registered user of the service to use it.

Kippoapp makes registration easier to attract more people. Its no-frills, no-hassle approach to joining up is one of the reasons it is so popular with young people. Registration takes merely a few seconds, and the software loads quickly. Its current appearance of employing a typeface that simulates writing code in a text editor while sending messages or changing profile information also helps.

Member structure

Kippoapp, founded in 2019 by David Park, Cheeyoon Lee, and Sean Suyeda, aims to unite gamers via their mutual passion for video games. The creators feel that playing video games together is ideal for engaging online and getting to know one another. It’s a terrific way to break the ice.

Kippoapp has garnered 45,000 subscribers since the app’s inception, despite no aggressive marketing activities. The majority of subscribers are between the ages of 18 and 25, making the app’s member base far younger than others. It’s also worth mentioning that 40% of registered users are women.

It’s also worth noting that 93% of Kippoapp members go on virtual dates and play video games together before meeting in person, which significantly minimizes the degree of discomfort on the first date. Since the pandemic-related lockdown, the app’s activity has jumped by 275%. This demonstrates that dating is still feasible despite the social distance.

Matchmaking on Kippoapp

The cliché of lonely gamers sitting up all night playing video games in their parent’s basement is no longer applicable. Kippoapp changes the way people interact and meet by emphasizing interests and hobbies. Making individuals bond around common interests and passions, such as video games, seem to establish more significant connections than relying just on appearances.

The app’s lack of a video chat feature, on the other hand, is a significant letdown. It would have been fantastic to have some way of interacting through video during these uncertain times when social alienation and virtual dates are promoted more than actual ones. This sort of function has yet to be released by the app.

Still, Kippoapp’s biggest feature is its low-cost premium services. Their premium plan allows you to add up to seven cards to fully display your diverse interests, send more messages, and swipe more than 30 profiles each day. It’s useful when looking for the ideal individual for you, and it won’t break the bank.

Profile Quality

Kippoapp gets off to a slow start. You must enter your usual information, such as your age, location, and gender. You must post four images of yourself and indicate your gender orientation if you are bisexual, nonbinary, or open to dating anybody. The fact that Kippoapp is inclusive is a plus.

Everything about Kippoapp is inclusive. You may also specify if you are seeking true romance or just pals to hang out with. If you don’t want to receive unwanted texts, you can opt out.

What distinguishes this dating app from the others is its method of encouraging users to gauge romantic capabilities based on how many prospective matches like the specific game or pastime you desire. Instead of being the major basis for attraction, appearance now takes a back seat to interests.

Profiles are extensively populated with cards that allow you to express yourself depending on your “geeky” hobbies. These cards may reveal various information, such as your favourite games, your horoscope, Meyer-Briggs type personality, and much more.

Kippoapp app review

There is currently no web version. Kippoapp can only be accessed via the special mobile app.

Design and Usability

Kippoapp is a platform by gamers for gamers. That is clear from the way the app reframes online dating by prioritizing interests overlooks. This dating app stands out even more because of its visually appealing design, which is guaranteed to appeal to millennials and tech-savvy gamers.

Its visual style is, without a doubt, one of the best we’ve seen. Kippoapp maintains that gamer-centric ambience that we can’t help but fall madly in love with by using black backgrounds with hints of pink splashes. Users may showcase their personality by using well-designed and highly configurable infographics and cards. These cards are also useful for adding individuality and a nice touch to the dating app.

It is simple to understand and use, as well as navigate. While visually appealing, the app’s buttons are kept to a minimum, resulting in a straightforward user experience. The only disadvantage we can think of is the lack of a website equivalent. However, in terms of Interface, the app seems and feels rather good. It is available for free download on iOS and Android.

Special Features

Kippoapp has various elements that make the user experience unique and enjoyable. Here are a few examples:

1. Cards

Show off your wacky, fun side with these well-designed and extremely customizable cards that may be shown on your profile. These cards provide details such as your favourite games, astrological sign, interests, and personal characteristics.

2. Swipe

You may only swipe 30 profiles each day with a free account. You may remove this restriction by upgrading to premium. Swipe left if you believe you are compatible with another user and right if you do not. You are provided with a brief description of their hobbies, location, and age to decide whether or not there is a potential between you.

3. Direct Messages

This function is also restricted to free users. However, it is a fun way to socialize, meet new people, and form lasting bonds. Although this app does not have video chat, you may still introduce yourself via direct messaging and maybe move to other platforms to get to know the other person better.

Security and support

All information is secured by the site’s privacy policy and is not shared for marketing purposes.

Costs and Prices

While Kippoapp is a free dating app, it does offer the Kippoapp Infinity Subscription. When you activate Kippoapp Infinity, you will be able to send an infinite number of messages, swipe more than 30 profiles every day, and add up to seven cards to your profile. We discovered that you might use Kippoapp for free, and it will have less of an impact on meeting new people. The only thing that changes is the maximum amount of texts you may send. These browsing and communications restrictions are removed with the membership.

The price for a month is 10 USD. USD37 for six months and USD56 for a year. Compared to other dating apps, Kippoapp’s premium services are on the low end of the scale. Normally, the competition costs twice as much as what Kippoapp is giving. It is, in fact, a good deal. If you consider Kippoapp Infinity to be a worthwhile investment, you will undoubtedly improve your experience without breaking the bank.

Kippoapp cancellation

Follow these instructions:

Experts Conclusion

One of the greatest gamer-centric applications we’ve ever seen. It’s simple to see why Kippoapp became popular so quickly. It’s well-designed with an outstanding user interface in mind. It has been passionately created by gamers for gamers. Nice geeks looking for love or strong friendships may simply discover it on Kippoapp.

It is also reasonably priced. If you want to try your luck with a dating app intended for a specialized tech niche, Kippoapp is the one for you. Check it out right now.


Who owns Kippoapp?

The dating app was established in 2019 by David Park, Cheeyoon Lee, and Sean Suyeda.

Is Kippoapp legit?

Yes. Kippoapp is a dating app that aims to provide a safe environment for gamers, nerds, and geeks to form meaningful friendships and long-term partnerships. It is one of the best gamer dating sites.

Can I block another Kippoapp member?

You may block a person by clicking the Block button on their profile if you don’t want to receive messages from them. If you get a message that you feel is unethical in any way, click the Report this message.

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