Jewish Dating Sites for Australian

It’s always interesting when romantic relationships & religion collide. For some, it’s an easy transition; for others, they struggle to find someone who shares their same beliefs & values. Of course, forJews who happen to be Aussies who are seeking a long-term relationship, sharing beliefs & values is of utmost importance, which might be why so many Jewish Aussies feel like it can be hard to find a partner in their everyday lives.

In the past, there weren’t many options for Jewish singles in Australia to meet romantic partners (outside of the singles they already knew). Fortunately, that’s all changed thanks to the increased popularity of online dating! These days, there are many online options for Jewish singles of all ages to find partners. Whether you’re looking for someone local or interested in a long-distance relationship, online dating is definitely the easiest way to find love in this modern era!

How Do I Choose the Right Jewish Dating Sites in 2022?

Ah, the downfall of online dating: options! While there are many paid and free Jewish dating sites for Aussies to choose from, that definitely doesn’t mean that every online service is created equal. Many mainstream services might actually oppose your current beliefs since they offer services that promote casual sex and meetups. It can be hard to navigate (and avoid) these services if you’re a first-time user of online dating, which is why getting informed insights is so important when you’re just starting out! Fortunately, this article will give you the head-start you need to succeed at online dating.

So, what makes a good online dating service? Well, the answer depends entirely on what you intend to use the site for, but here are a few basic features that most online dating sites will offer:

  • Chat (text, photo, & video)
  • Matchmaking services
  • Interactive matchmaking games
  • Custom profiles
  • Search filters (such as age, height, and location)

These are just a few of the most common features; the offerings of each site will be different. Ready to see what each specific site offers? Keep reading. Enjoy!

Older Jewish Aussies will love this website! Designed to help singles over the age of 50 find love online, SeniorsToDate uses a basic dating site template to provide a straightforward matchmaking experience for its users. Unfortunately, the website hasn’t released specific data on the number of members it has. However, in our testing, the community seemed to be active and inviting. If you’re looking for ground-breaking features, then SeniorsToDate isn’t up your valley. That said, older singles most likely are looking for a simplified online dating experience, not the latest features, so for that purpose, SeniorsToDate delivers. Unlike some other Jewish dating sites, SeniorsToDate does not have a dedicated mobile app available, but seniors can access it via any device with a basic web browser. Prices start as low as $0.99 per day.



JSwipe-reviewIf you’re one of the many Aussies only interested in finding a Jewish partner, then JSwipe is an app worth trying. This online community isn’t specifically limited to only Jewish people, though; singles interested in finding a Jewish partner can also sign up! Unlike many other dating sites, JSwipe is really for finding long-term relationships, not short-term hookups. With over 600k members from around the world, Jewish singles can easily join this site using their Facebook account. Available on both iOS and Android devices, JSwipe gives singles a fair shot at love with its relatively even gender split. Basic contact features are free, but premium membership (which starts at $10.00 per month) offers additional features such as “Super Swipe” and “Read” receipts.JSwipe-review2


eharmony-reviewNearly everyone’s heard of eHarmony, so it should come as no surprise that this popular dating site is an excellent option for Jewish Aussies looking for love online. With over 29 million users from all around the world, it’s unlikely you’ll struggle to find matches on this site. Furthermore, eHarmony has a near-perfect gender split and members across all age groups, further improving your chances! The community is extremely active & the site uses personality-based matchmaking to connect singles. Unfortunately, a high success rate comes at a high price: expect to pay at least $35.90/month for the privilege! On the plus side, you can access eHarmony from both mobile & desktop devices.eharmony-review2


elitesingles-reviewSome Jewish Aussies have very high standards when it comes to any potential partners. If you fall into this category, then EliteSingles might be a good site to check out to find a partner in Australia. Unfortunately, free Jewish dating sites aren’t really available, but pricing is fair (starting at $17.95/month). With over five million members (over 90% of whom have a higher education!) EliteSingles is designed to connect busy professionals with their new life partners. Another personality-based matchmaking site, you can expect to spend at least 20 minutes creating an account on this website. Available on desktop, iOS, and Android, EliteSingles is used by people of all ages but is especially popular with singles between the ages of 34 to 54.



JDate-review“Cheap” is not something that exists on JDate; membership prices start at $23.99 per month. However, for that price, you DO get access to one of the world’s most well-known Jewish dating services! Enjoy an ad-free experience in a community of over 240 thousand Jewish singles, all of whom are looking for a serious relationship. This site has an excellent record; in fact, 52% of Jewish relationships that began online started on this website! Prefer an alternative language to English? JDate is also available in Hebrew, German, Spanish, and French! You can use JDate from either an iOS or an Android device, making it accessible to nearly all Aussies.


Dive Into the Wonderful World of Online Jewish Dating

As you can see, there are many different ways you can meet Jewish singles online. Some sites may work better than others, depending on what your relationship goals & partner expectations are. For example, JDate is a great option if you’re only interested in finding a Jewish partner. However, if you’re just looking for a relationship in general, eHarmony is one of the most well-known & successful matchmaking sites on the web. And then there are other things to consider as well, as the number of local users, whether or not you can date using a mobile device, or even the depth of information offered on a user’s profile page!

This might seem like a lot to take in, and if you’ve never used an online dating service before, it probably is. Fortunately, it will get easier over time, so don’t let fear of failure hold you back. In fact, the vast majority of relationships today begin online! You’re sure to find a partner if you use one of the sites above. Some people may find a partner quicker than others but remember: it’s not a race; it’s a journey. Go find your future wife/husband today!


Which Jewish Dating Sites Can I Trust?

While all of the sites listed above will definitely help you find a Jewish partner with ease, our favorite is JDate, which provides an online dating community specifically for Jewish people!

How Do Jewish Dating Sites Help Singles Find Compatible Partners?

Jewish dating sites work just like any other dating service. Jewish singles sign up for the service of their choice and then message other singles to find potential partners online.

How Do I Date a Jew?

Finding a Jewish person to date is easy. Just sign up for one of the services above & start messaging singles you find attractive to find a Jewish partner!