Innovative and fun ice breakers for teens you may or may not know

nnovative and fun ice breakers for teens you may or may not know
The best ice-breaker is creating a carefree, romantic environment where everyone is free to express themselves, especially if it’s just for you and your crush. The best option is? To play a game! You don’t want to be boring, yet you don’t want to come across too keen and maybe a little desperate. Teen dating is a tricky balance because of lack of experience and having the courage to get out of your comfort zone. More importantly, how do you break the ice with someone you like, a cutie from teen sex chats, or a girl you potentially want to date without appearing like a dork or cheesy? Here are different games to play and get romantic:

The Joke Is on You

This is as simple as things get. Take it in turns to say a joke with the objective obviously being to try and make the group laugh. Be selective about the joke you choose and try to keep it politically correct and non-offensive until you know your audience better and can take more risks when your turn comes around again. The last thing you want to do is choose what you think is hilarious but quickly discover you have upset your crush with your chosen joke. Be careful! Too often, we can overcomplicate things when straightforward laughter and mischief will do the trick.
Who am I?

Put the name of a celebrity or famous person on a post-it note and stick it on your forehead. Alternatively, write it out on a piece of paper and sellotape it to their back. You can each take turns asking key questions with your peers (and your crush!), which will eventually lead to revealing your identity. This can be great fun and provides interaction within the group via searching and probing questions.

I Have Never

Traditionally a drinking game, but you can replace the alcohol with soda or by doing a physical substitute such as performing a press-up instead of drinking a shot as your forfeit. The person whose turn it is, says «I have never…» and then finishes the sentence with something they have or haven’t done. If they have done it, they would usually drink, and anyone in the group who has also done it drinks. For example, if you said «I have never kissed a boy,» and you had, then you would drink/do a press-up, and anyone playing the game would all drink or do press-ups simultaneously before moving on to the next person to change the subject. Topics are typically sexual and work as ice breakers amazingly!


Classic, old-school fun, which most of you will have played at home growing up. Well, if it was fun then, make it fun now. You don’t have to put up with your annoying sibling picking the same film over and over again, the endless dad jokes or mum never getting the most obvious clues. Laugh and play-act with your friends and the people you may be interested in, and showcase your personality in a unique way by bossing charades amongst your peers. Simply have a sketch pad and try to describe a film, show, or book without saying the title and using illustrations to get your clues across to the participants.

Truth or Dare

Time to crank up the heat on the flirting and the teen sex chat. Like the previous game, you do not have to be flirtatious or sexual with the topics, but it is a lot of fun if you do involve this kind of behavior. Each person gets to choose to reveal a truth, e.g., ‘Who do you fancy in the room?’ or perform a dare, e.g., ‘Kiss the person you like the most for 20 seconds’. It certainly breaks the ice if you have your tongue down their throat!

Strip Poker

It doesn’t have to be poker; many games fit the category. The primary objective is to get your kit off, so whichever game you choose is almost irrelevant. This is more for a group that you know rather than some strangers, but if the loser has to remove an item of clothing for a wrong answer, then it shatters the ice rather than breaks it. Play to a comfort level that suits all.

Spin the Bottle

The old ones are the best, and this is one of the oldest but most effective ice breakers out there. Simply have everyone sit in a circle and place a bottle in the middle. Take it in turns to spin it, and whoever the bottle lands on or points at once the spin is over has to kiss the spinner. You can choose to skip it or re-spin if it lands on your mates, for example, or if the same person keeps getting chosen repeatedly.

Movie Pitches

Split up into groups or pairs and think of a movie idea that you would love to make happen. You have ten minutes to prepare a pitch to the rest of the gang, who will decide whether your movie is worth investing in and if it will get made or if they will send you back to the drawing board empty-handed. Your pitch needs to sell the key points of the film so make the story interesting, as captivating as possible, and if you are in a group or pair with your crush, it provides the perfect opportunity to put a kissing scene into the pitch or make the movie a love story between the two main characters (you two!).