Details on Teenage Flirting

A lot of teenage flirting is trial and error as it is sailing into the uncharted territory, particularly at the start. Matters are complicated immeasurably by the fact that each girl is different and what some perceive as flirting; others will not pick up on. They could be completely oblivious to your efforts and romantic intentions due to their own inexperience. That assumption may be accurately describing the situation, can also be misinformed in certain cases because girls often use this tactic to protect your feelings.

If they do not want you to flirt with them and want to keep you in the friend zone, they can occasionally just ignore the flirtatious nature of your words and actions, so they do not have to go through the process of rejecting you. It is their way of letting you get the hint without saying the words or making it obvious to you and upset you. This, in a way, is better than them pitying you and going along with it to avoid the drama. Being felt sorry for or pitied by your crush is potentially worse than the rejection itself, whether in person or in teen chat rooms.

How to Flirt With a Teen Girl

There are several key steps involved. Stick to them despite the girl’s individual preferences and unique personality (unless they are bold enough to tell that they are displeased with what are you saying or doing!).


  • Always remember to keep it as light-hearted as possible. Flirting is supposed to be fun, and you need to keep it that way for as long as possible. Your crush wants to be elevated and entertained around you, not lulled into a serious or dull chat. Keep it fresh, and don’t overdo things; too much of a good thing can ruin your momentum and take a special feeling away prematurely.
  • Be mature with a child-like side. Show your maturity and that you have grown up but don’t lose that playful child-like mischief that makes you a fun and innovative person. The key here is balance. Basing your flirting on pulling hair, throwing things or silly wisecracks gives off a childish demeanor meant for the schoolyard. Engage in conversations and bring a lighter side to these chats rather than trying too hard to force your hand. Sometimes, letting things naturally flow and spotting an opportunity to flirt is more effective than forced flirting, which can appear cringeworthy and inappropriate.

The Fundamentals of Teenage Flirting

Always go back to your objective, which is to get the point across that you are trying to say you are interested with your body language, even your words, without actually saying ‘I like you. To do so, follow these important steps;

  • Smile. Smiling is infectious; if a partner sees you smiling, it tells that they are wanted and appreciated louder than words. The more you smile, the more it will be reciprocated.
  • Shared humor. Acknowledge her jokes (even if they are not funny)
  • Controlled responses. Don’t laugh hysterically but make them comfortable around you with a little chuckle no after how bad it was
  • Compliments. Make her feel good; tell a girl when she looks amazing or smells fabulous. Let her know you like her outfit and that her hair is stunning. All these are fine but do not overdo them. Space them out throughout your time together and drop them into conversation sparingly. Reeling them off can be a bit overwhelming and can seem disingenuous.
  • Mutual understanding. Not giving up is an admirable trait, but sometimes you have to pick your battles. Being aware enough and having the self-pride to know when it will happen is a big factor. If you persist for too long without getting the hint that she is not interested, then you risk losing the friendship and potentially giving her the ick. Once this occurs, there is no going back. If you are clever and spot that she is not immediately feeling it, take a step back and allow her to miss you. It is a long game and this approach gives her the chance to change her mind about you in the future.