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Houseparty is one of the chatting apps for teens. It is the dominating app among all other social media apps of this time for teens. This is a social media application where you can have unlimited fun by meeting new friends worldwide.

You can as well connect with your family members and friends that are far away from you. The most elating thing about this site is that it is a face-to-face social networking platform. At houseparty, you can have a private face-to-face chat, and you can also create a room where you and every one of your friends can connect and have fun.

Not only that, you have access to play some nice and lovely games. With houseparty, there is no more dull moment.

Houseparty sign in/sign up

To be a member of the houseparty is very easy and straight. Signing up on the app does not take time. As a new member, once you download the app on your device, or using your browser, tap on the signup logo to create a new account.

To do this, what is required is your username, full name, email address, password, and birthday. When finished with this step, you will need to verify your account by submitting your mobile number. This verification process doesn’t take long; an SMS code will be sent to the submitted mobile number.

Input the sent code into the space bar provide and click on verify. In below than a minute, you will be done signing up. With just a click, you can sign in and start connecting with your friends and family or invite all to join you on the site.

You will have to connect your Facebook account with your houseparty account to connect with your friends who are already using the site.

Houseparty sign in

Member structure

Since the creation of houseparty in 2016, it has been experiencing some astronomical growth. Recently the number of users of houseparty skyrocketed to a whopping amount of a million new members weekly.

With this, many users on this face-to-face social networking platform want to meet new people, connect with others, have fun in the form of a “house party,” and play games together.

Matchmaking on Houseparty

First, it will be nice to let you know that houseparty is not a site for dating or hooking up. It is a social networking site where you meet people in groups to have a livelily face to face fun moment and hang out.

That notwithstanding, you can still meet with someone through the different rooms on the site who may be interested in dating or hooking up. In your first encounter with someone on the site, asking them for a date or a hookup, you might get turned down with a negative response.

But upon frequent chatting and building mutuality, someone interested in dating or hookup will oblige to the request.

Profile Quality

On this site, the quality of the information provided varies from one user to the other. Though the site requires that all members input their full information on their profile, some users have chosen to skip this aspect and provide just a few information about themselves on their profile.

This may be as a result of some personal reason best known to them to stay safe on the internet. Those who provide information about themselves on the site can know little about their personality and the type of person they are.

But that does not guarantee all about them. To know more about other users, through the live face-to-face hangout interactions, you can know more about them by asking leading questions to tell about their personality and attribute.

Profile Quality Houseparty

Houseparty app review

Houseparty, which is a social networking platform, knows the importance of socializing. As a result of this, there is an app for houseparty that can be used conveniently for this ease of the members. Houseparty app is meant for both Android and iPhone users, and it can be easily downloaded on Google Play for Android mobile users and the app store for iPhone users.

The downloading of the app comes with ease, and it is free to download with no hidden charges. The app for houseparty has lots of positive reviews from users that are using the app, which gives it a rating of 4.0/5.0.

You can connect with multiple people of not more than ten at once ad have a face-to-face conversation, play different games and quizzes on the app. In using the app, if you don’t link up your Facebook or Snapchat account with it, you won’t be permitted to connect with other members on the app.

Houseparty app

Design and Usability

The site and the app have been accurately designed with lots of simplicity that gives users a lot of flexibility to sign up and log in. Not only that, using the app does not come with any difficulties or complexity. It is easily accessible to all users of all ages.

The site’s interface and the app are simple, attractive, and friendly, which makes me like it and appreciate the wonderful work that was put in place in designing it. If you can link your Facebook or Snapchat account with it, finding an interlocutor is not difficult; within few minutes, you will start getting connections.

Special Features

There are lots of unique features on houseparty that make it worthwhile to use for all. These features make it stick out among other social networking apps in connecting with friends, family, and loved ones. One of the special features that houseparty has is the instant video chat with friends.

The site will draw on your contact list and social media account like Facebook and Snapchat to create a network of friends using the app. It also has the features of group chat with up to 10 people to be in the group to chat at once.

To join any group, you don’t need prior planning for this or sending out an invitation. With one friend of yours in a group, you can as well be part of the group. Another feature that users enjoy with houseparty is the availability of the game that it provides to be played during the chat sessions with friends.

The game is very simpled to play. The app gives notifications when a friend is available, and it notifies others when you are online. You can as well make a recording of the chat you are having or record a video chat and send it to your friend.

Security and support

Security is one of the paramount things that people do consider in the use of any site or app. When the security and the measure put in place to curtail scammers or fake accounts is porous, such a site will experience a decline in its usage.

With houseparty, you need not panic about the security because it has a tight measure to this, and fake accounts are difficult to use as the app uses face-to-face chat. Like other prominent social media platforms, there have been reports from users of accounts being hacked into.

Despite the complaints about hacked accounts, no evidence will suggest a link between houseparty and the compromised accounts. Due to this, it has been suggested to users to have a strong and unique password that will make it difficult to be hacked into.

Costs and Prices

Houseparty social messaging platform does not have any fee attached to it. If you are downloading the app or using the website, you won’t be charged for using it. The cost attached to it is free, and there is no upgrade of account to a paid membership.

Houseparty cancellation

If you no longer feel like being on the site, I doubt you will ever feel such. You can cancel your houseparty account. Mind you, once you cancel the account, it means you are deleting it, which you may not be able to regain except you sign up afresh.

For the cancellation, go to the settings on the site or app and tap on the deactivated account. In few days, your account and profile will be deleted from the houseparty.

Experts Conclusion

Houseparty is a nice social networking platform that will expand its features of the number of people in the group to have a chat and more games. Houseparty is a social networking site that diverges from the usual video conferencing platform to give fun and excitement to its users.


Who owns Houseparty?

Houseparty is own by the developer of Fortnite. They are trusted and verified mobile dating site developer.

Is Houseparty legit?

Yes, it is. There is no room for a fake account with their high-tech system that fishes bot and fake accounts.

Can I block another Houseparty member?

Yes, you can block other members on houseparty that is posing a threat to you.

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