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Grindr is home to over 27 million singles in the GBTQ community

100% Free

The basic app is free to download and install

  • Usability: Grindr app comes with a simple and straightforward design that is very much easy to use
  • Prices: The monthly subscription costs 17.40 AUD
  • Special Features : Gaymojis, Tap, Explore, Favorite
  • Security: Grindr does profile validation for new users and conducts background checks as part of its terms of service
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Since its launch in 2009, Grindr has undoubtedly gained a reputation as one of the best gay mobile app with a vibrant community worldwide. With a huge membership and high user activity registered on the site daily, it surely beats many free local dating sites in the market.

You have to download the app to register. Registration on the Grindr app is free and only takes about one minute to complete. New users need to be at least 18 years to sign up. You can register using your email address or Facebook account. Setting up new account details is easy and quick.

Email verification during signup is not required, but a new user must upload a photo that has to be approved by the online team. Information needed during signup includes your age, birthday, gender identity, and location. For you to find matches and meet nearby online users, you’ll have to allow Grindr to find your location.

You won’t wait for long for your profile to be approved. Once your photo is approved, you may immediately log in to your account through the app or mobile-friendly website to find your closest match. To increase your chances of finding a compatible match, you need to add more relevant information to your profile.

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Member Structure

Grindr is home to over 27 million singles in the GBTQ community. Over 3 million users come from the USA. The UK follows with about 2 million users. The rest of the membership is drawn from all corners of the world, with Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore registering many users.

The app boasts a diverse membership of gays, bi, trans, and queer people with different personalities, beliefs, and interests. Some members prefer to remain anonymous by not divulging too much information about themselves.

Minor are strictly prohibited from signing up on the app. The common age bracket that uses the platform is 25-34 years. Registered users are looking for hookups and short-term relationships on this fun app where their sexuality is accepted.

Matchmaking on Grindr

With up to a million users logged in to the app at any given moment, finding your match on the platform should be fun. The app sees up to 3.3 million daily active users, with an average user spending 54 minutes online.

Grindr app mainly relies on user location to suggest matches for their members. The search filters on the app utilize profile information and location to suggest potential matches for you. When you find a match you’re willing to get intimate with, the app provides two dedicated features to contact them: Messages and Taps.

Messages work like usual service. You can chat with nearby users as a basic member or message other users within your country for free. Taps feature allows you to see the people who are fascinated by you. They are made of emoticons that you can also use to send intimate interests to those members.

The common ones are Looking, Friendly, and Hot. If you feel that a member is hot and you want to know them better, simply tap Hot on them. If their response is positive, take your connection further through chatting and messaging.

Profile Quality

Most fields in Grindr profiles are not mandatory, making many of them short or shallow. User can, however, edit their profile details anytime. The app allows only one photo per profile at a time. Users have the freedom to link other social media accounts to their profiles.

Nonetheless, the information on most profiles is enough to tell you something about the person behind it. You can make your profile by adding lots of interesting information about you.

The sections you can edit on your profile include:

  • Info – Display name and About Me
  • Stats – Add your age, height, weight, body type, relationship status, ethnicity, ‘My Tribes’, and ‘I’m Looking For.’
  • Identity – Set your pronouns to identify your gender as either man, woman, non-binary, or custom binary.
  • Sexual Health – Fill in your HIV Status, and Last Tested Date. The section also requires information on Testing Reminders, if any, and Sexual Health FAQ.
  • Social Links – It allows you to link your social media accounts.

Profile Quality grindr

Grindr Dating App Review

Our Grindr app review revealed that it could be downloaded for free (with some in-app purchases) from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is supported on both Android and iOS mobile devices. The app’s design is straightforward, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

With a modern layout, a complete profile on the app will help you attract more users. Find perfect matches with the help of the Your Favorites, Matches, Explore, and Messages button located below the app. As a result, many users find the app useful and give a higher rating or 3 or more stars.

Design and Usability

Grindr app comes with a simple and straightforward design that is very much easy to use. It relies on your location to suggest potential partners nearby. We found out that most users find the platform’s usability above average. The dating app highlights the importance of meeting your next date as soon and closely as possible.

Special Features

For users’ fun and distinctly unique browsing experience, the dating app has a few special features. These include:

  • Gaymojis – Speak your language with your own community by utilizing the customized, GBTQ-themed emojis. In addition, users can spice up their dating game with over 500 Gaymojis.
  • Tap – The flame icon is a great way to hint out to someone that you’re interested in them without having to start a conversation. Expect them to start the conversation themselves if you catch their attention.
  • Explore – This is a search mode that allows you to look for matches beyond your country. It’s available for premium members.
  • Favorite – A great way to bookmark interesting profiles and potentially message them later.

Security and Support

Grindr does profile validation for new users and conducts background checks as part of its terms of service. It is to determine if a member’s information is true. Violating the guidelines as the terms dictate may see your account deleted or banned on the app.

There is also an online support team that strives to sort the challenges users pose to them while on the platform. The online security team can also investigate and remove fake accounts if you come across one with suspicious activities.

Costs and Prices

The basic app is free to download and install. It’s ad-supported and can come with some other in-app purchases. Messaging is free, which seems to work in favor of members with basic accounts.

Standard members can also view up to 100 profiles for free.

To view more profiles and experience Grindr XTRA or Unlimited, you can use the 7-day free trial (preceding an automated 1-month subscription) or choose from the following options:


MembershipDurationCost per Month ($)Total Cost ($)
XTRA1 Month13.0013.00
3 Months9.4028.20
12 Months5.2062.40
Unlimited1 Month41.1141.11
3 Months20.3961.17
12 Months14.71176.46

Grindr Cancellation

Once you become a member of the vibrant dating app, it’s important to stick to its terms of service. Otherwise, the team reserves the right to delete or ban your account if it registers serious violations of the same. You should also be keen to cancel the 7-day free trial before you’re automatically subscribed to 1-month auto-renew membership.

If you want to delete your account, then click Settings>Privacy>Delete Profile. Before you take action, remember you cannot reactivate your profile, and all your information will be lost for good.

Experts Conclusion

Grindr is a popular dating platform for GBTQ singles. It provides an open and secure platform where this special group can meet up, connect and freely express their sexual interests. If you feel like gaining from the exciting experiences of offering its huge membership, feel free to try its services.

Although a free membership allows you to chat and view a limited number of profiles, the XTRA or Unlimited membership opens up lots of features and functions to explore. Just stay keen on any potential scammers or fraudsters on the app.

They never lack on any online dating platform.


Who are the owners of Grindr

Grindr forms part of the many online dating platforms operated and managed by Grindr LLC. The dating app was launched in 2009 by the same company.

Is Grindr legit or a scam?

Grindr is a legitimate dating app with over 27 million members worldwide. However, its services are oriented to the GBTQ singles.

How do I block another Grindr member?

You can block a member that proves more of a nuisance to you on the app. While logged in to your account, click on the profile and click the Block button, never to see the account again.

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Grindr is home to over 27 million singles in the GBTQ community