Gamer Dating Apps in Australia

For Aussies that consider themselves “gamers,” playing video games isn’t just a pastime: it’s a lifestyle! Of course, not everyone agrees with this categorization, which can easily lead to relationship issues if your partner doesn’t consider gaming to be as important as you do. Because of this, many gamers struggle to keep in long-term relationships and often find themselves wishing that their partners share the same passion as they do.

Fortunately, there are many free gamer dating apps that help gamers find romantic partnerships online. Online dating is much better than romantic pursuits you can go after in person since it provides you with more potential partners, matches you up much quicker, and doesn’t require as much time to find love. If you’re a passionate gamer who wants to find a partner (both in-game and out), then keep reading to learn how to find them!

How to Find Great Gamer Dating Apps in 2021

Not all dating apps are created equal, and many of them serve different purposes. Whereas some online communities may be perfect for finding sex online, others might be better suited for serious romantics. However, no matter the specific intention of a dating website, Aussies should keep some standards! Here are a few of the features that any reputable online dating website in Australia will have:

  • Chat features (may include text, photo, or video messaging)
  • “Search” function (allows you to find the compatible partners quicker)
  • Detailed profiles (helps singles find personality-based partners)

While you’re reading the list of top-rated sites below, take some time to consider what your “perfect partner” looks like. Is this someone you just want to have casual sex with, form a friendship with, or have by your side until the end of time? Generally speaking, casual sites are better for finding hookups & serious dating sites are great for finding long-term partners. Smart choices lead to faster results! 18+ online dating & hookup platform is enjoyed by over half a million Aussies across the country. As you might expect from the name, BeNaughty is primarily for finding hookups; you won’t want to try to use this site to find real relationships (you won’t have much luck!). The gender split on this website is very good, although there are slightly more women on the platform than men. This works out well for hookups since nearly everyone will have plenty of partners to choose from. BeNaughty uses a fairly standard website template, with white & orange being the two colors primarily featured. Despite lacking originality, the site looks very nice & is easy to understand, even for first-time users. You can use the website for free, but BeNaughty also offers a wide variety of membership plans. Single-day membership costs $.99; extended membership plans run up to three months long! While anyone can use the browser version of BeNaughty, Android users can also download the dedicated app for convenient mobile hookups.benaughty users



SoulGeek-reviewAs one would probably expect from the name, SoulGeek is an online dating community targeted specifically to geeks, nerds, and other passionate individuals who are seeking to find love online. There aren’t any specific membership statistics available, but the website has managed to score over 660k unique views within the last six months! Sadly, there isn’t a mobile app version available, but the site can be easily used from any desktop computer. The site connects individuals based on their relationship goals and mutual interests, giving singles a high chance at success. SoulGeek is 100% free, so Aussies won’t need to spend any money to find their nerdy soul mate online!


Dragonfruit App

Dragonfruit-reviewSadly, it appears that this beloved dating site isn’t currently online. Nonetheless, we hope that Dragonfruit makes a comeback, as this unique online dating platform was designed by geeks for geeks, making it an obvious choice for online nerdy matchmaking! While it was accessible via the browser, Dragonfruit also offered Android users a dedicated mobile app. Like Soulgeek, Dragonfruit was entirely free, making it appealing to Aussies who didn’t want to spend money on their online dating lives.


GamerDating-reviewGamerDating is another great option for Aussies who want to find the perfect partner, both in-game and out. The theme is obvious: you’ll even need to choose your favorite games (and console choice) during signup! This browser-based platform is far smaller than many other online options, with current membership estimates running around five thousand. Still, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the Australian people who do use the site tend to use it a lot! As such, you have a great chance at finding a partner, whether you’re just looking for a gaming buddy or something more.GamerDating-review2


Kippoapp sign inHow might one describe Kippo? As the “ultimate dating platform for gamers,” of course! Created by gamers for gamers, Kippo is a unique dating application that places mutual interests first and romantic compatibility second. This means you can use it to find friendships as well as relationships! A relatively new platform, Kippo has already gained over 45,000 users and continues to grow every day. Interestingly, you can’t use this platform on a desktop device; you will need either an iOS or Android device. Kippo can be used for free, but you’ll be limited to 30 swipes per day and a single message; no good! However, the premium is very cheap. In fact, you can get an entire year’s worth of premium membership for only $56, making it one of the cheapest dating platforms around (and the perfect platform for video game-loving Aussies!).Kippo-review2


Welcome to the Magnificent Universe of Gamer Dating!

Now that you’ve read the list, you already know exactly where to look for love (or lust) online! Of course, knowing where to look isn’t all that you’ll want; it’s also helpful to have a technique! Fortunately for you, we’ve written this short list of tips to help you find a partner online. Read them once (or twice), then put them into practice on your profile. Remember, practice makes perfect, so get out there & find love today!

  • Complete your profile. Any potential partners will want to learn more about you before they reply to your messages. By completing your profile, you’ll be ensuring yourself more responses!
  • Keep your options open. You can talk to multiple people online so take full advantage of it. Not every lead will result in a meetup.
  • Find someone with mutual interests. Breaking the ice is much easier when you have something to talk about. If you’re not sure what your mutual interests are, take a quick glance over their profile before chatting to find out.
  • Don’t be afraid to share photos. Connections become personal much faster if you share pictures. Plus, they prove that you’re a real person!
  • Worry less, flirt more. Online dating is meant to be enjoyable. If it starts to feel stressful, it might be time to take a break.


Which Gamer Dating Apps Can I Trust?

We’d have to recommend Not only is it a great place to find love, but you can also meet partners for your next match!

How Do Gamer Dating Apps Work?

Gamer dating apps provide a safe, online community for fellow gamers to come together, flirt, and share in their passion for gaming!

How Do I Date a Gamer?

It’s very easy: just join one of the services above! However, if you’re not a gamer yourself, be aware that you might have to get used to “gaming” being a serious part of your schedule!