First Date Ideas for Teenagers That Will Blow Your Mind


first date ideas

Your first solo time with a special someone does not have to be always a romantic dinner or a movie night. Spontaneity is more romantic, especially when you top it off with uniqueness.

1. Get Sporty: Athletic Dates

Enjoy your youth, and take advantage of your active and healthy body. Make action on your first date by taking your crush to bowling or roller-skating where you can be playfully competitive with each other. Let your endorphins flow and adrenaline rush with rock-climbing, ice-skating, and biking. If both of you love nature, you may go hiking and trekking in the mountains. Let your adventurous selves enjoy a picnic date afterward while spoiling your eyes with a picturesque outdoor view. Aside from sporty activities, you can also try the strenuous ones that are good cardio exercises. Visit an arcade to play your favorite childhood games, or go to a trampoline park and bounce like kids if you want to let your inner child out. If both of you are into working out, you will also enjoy canoeing because aside from enjoying the view and sounds of water, your muscles will also be exercised.

2. Penetrate the Mind: Educational Dates

teen dating onlineIntelligence is sexy, and this lets you connect to a person on a sweeter level. Scrabble, chess, the game of the generals—these board games never go old. These mind-penetrating activities are fun and make you know your partner better. If you love a thrill, then be in your most strategic selves by escaping from an Escape Room. You may also play Never Have I Ever or 20 Questions to have more thoughtful conversations on your first date. Play as a tourist and visit your place’s landmarks and historical places where you can discuss random facts and exciting trivia.

3. Dance to the Music at Parties

Attend a festival, go to a concert, or plan your first date to be at the next cool party you are invited to. You may bring a plus one, so grab this opportunity to take your crush on a fun adventure. However, both of you should be on your most sober selves to enjoy the moment genuinely.

4. Volunteer: Charity

Make time for the homeless, street children, the elderly, and even abandoned animals. Serve meals, donate clothes and other useful materials, or prepare a list of activities you want to do with them. You will not only melt the hearts of those you are helping but also of the person you are dating.

Other Underrated Date Ideas

teenager datingMany outdoor activities, art appreciation, or events in your local area—these should not be taken for granted as practical and modern examples of first dates. Access to any body of water is convenient for you to have a more romantic date. Hit the beach, or enjoy the mesmerizing view of the lake. Visit a museum and spoil your eyes with the creative and historical pieces preserved. You may also see new exhibits and impress your partner with your knowledge and interests in arts. Be swept away with an onstage play that has a lot of stories to tell. Additionally, paint or draw together or teach your date how to. Know the other person’s sense of fashion by shopping at a thrift store. Crack up together at a comedy club where teens are welcomed.

Another underrated kind of the first date is spending your day in an amusement park. Enjoy your ice cream and cotton candies while trying all the mind-blowing rides in the area. Get to know your partner more by bringing them to a horror house, where you will scream your intestines out with the thrill it gives.

If you want your first date to be extra special, know the interests of your crush or the person you are asking out first. This will not only give them an excellent first impression of you but will also strengthen your bond when you know you get engrossed with the same hobbies. Bear in mind that it is vital to impress your partner, as long as you spend within your means and stay true to yourself.

#5 First Date Ideas for Teenagers You Need to Know
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#5 First Date Ideas for Teenagers You Need to Know
Everyone wants to have quality experiences with a special person, and one of these is your first date with your crush. Cheap date isn’t less memorable.
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