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  • Usability: The dating platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to use
  • Prices: This dating is free
  • Special Features : Second look, On pause, Secret crush, Profile content, Instagram integration, Preemptive block list
  • Security: The dating applies various security measures to ensure users stay safe on the platform
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Few people know that Facebook is one of the free social network dating sites where you can connect with singles online. A majority know that it’s just a social site, and that’s all. Even operating as just a social network, many couples have met through the platform. This dating, therefore, only enhances what already proved to be a great platform for meeting new people. It all starts by signing up and creating an account, which is free.

Creating an account does not automatically grant you access to Facebook Dating – these are two different platforms. To access the dating services, you must sign up with Facebook Dating. You will have a separate profile and inbox from your normal account. 

The separation of the two also ensures that your information at the Facebook Dating site does not appear on your normal Facebook account. Your friends will not be notified that you’ve joined the dating service. Only people who are over 18 years can sign up with the online dating platform. The whole signup process will take you less than a minute. 

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Member Structure

Facebook Dating has over 30 million users. These numbers guarantee you that you’ll get a match within the shortest time possible. A majority of users are from the United States, but there is also a significant user base in countries like Canada, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Turkey.

A majority of the users are young people in the range of 18 to 24 years. In addition, the gender distribution is almost equal – 57% males compared to the 43% females. 10 million users are active weekly on the platform.

Member Structure facebook

Matchmaking on Facebook Dating

This dating site does not have the swipe matching feature. Instead, the system will use your information to generate match suggestions for you automatically. Information used to create matches for you include your hobbies, likes, and mutual friends. A member can only be matched with users who are within 100 miles.

Members of this dating service can also manually search for their preferred partners using the search filters. You can filter users based on parameters such as their age, gender, religion, and location. Alternatively, you can send Secret Crush to show interest.

Because this online dating is designed to promote meaningful relationships and no hookups, you must tap ‘Not Interested’ if you’re not interested in a particular profile. You can also use groups and events to match with people who are in the same interests. This approach ensures you’re connected with people who have joined the same groups as you or have attended the same events.

There are several ways you can make contact with members. One of them is by asking a question about a user’s photo. Unless your recipient responds to your message, you cannot see their profile again. It guarantees genuine conversations on the online platform. It is also possible to turn off matching with friends of friends.

Profile Quality

Your Facebook and Facebook Dating profiles are different. It means that your profile on the dating service will not be accessible to your friends on your regular account. In addition, information from the two separate accounts is not automatically synced. One of the requirements of the dating service is that you must verify your location through your phone.

Members must manually fill their profiles on the dating platform. Some of the information you can provide include your height, location, workplace, children, education, religion, and bio. Filling up all the information is not mandatory.

However, for best results in terms of matches, you should provide enough details about yourself. In addition, there are 20 personality questions you can answer. An example of the personality questions is “What song does always make you sing along”?

It is possible to upload photos from your regular Facebook account into the dating platform. You can upload not only the photos you put up by yourself but also the ones you’ve been tagged in. Photos crossposted on Instagram can also be uploaded to your dating profile.

Profile Quality facebook

Facebook Dating App Review

There is an app for the Facebook Dating service, and it’s the most convenient way of accessing the services. The dating app is not a standalone mobile application; it’s embedded in the bigger app itself. Although you can use the regular Facebook social network site on desktop and through an app, dating is only available as a mobile app. The dating app is available on both Android and iOS.

You can download the app from either Google Play Store or App Store. The app has an overall rating of 3.5/5 stars on Google Play Store and 2/5 stars at App Store.

Design and Usability

The dating platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to use. Through the app, you can locate the heart icon for Facebook Dating under your profile tab. The usability of the dating app is not different from the regular app. You can send and receive messages the same way.

Special Features

  • Second look: You can find this feature on your settings, and it displays people you should have a second look at. You are able to go through your suggested matches and find out if there was a match you missed out on when checking the suggestions for the first time. The matches on this feature are listed in reverse chronological order.
  • On pause: This pause feature allows you to pause your online dating activity without necessarily deactivating your account. While still on pause, you can message the people you’ve matched with.
  • Secret crush: This feature allows you to express interest to up to nine Facebook friends. However, the crush must first be mutual. If you pick a user and the user likes you, then you’ll be matched. The system will also reveal your names.
  • Profile content: User profiles have tappable content that you can use to start conversations. An example is shared hometowns or schools. This interactive profile content helps members build a strong foundation to get to know each other through the platform.
  • Instagram integration: This integration means that your Instagram photos can feature on your Facebook Dating profile. Customize and feature your best Instagram photos on your dating profile to increase your chances.
  • Preemptive block list: This feature guarantees you that you’re not matched with people who are not your Facebook friends. They could be people you’ve unfriended but not blocked on the site.

Security and Support

The dating applies various security measures to ensure users stay safe on the platform. One of the measures they took is ensuring that your dating profile and regular profile stay separate. It gives users a desired level of privacy and therefore feeling of confident about using the dating platform.

You can block or report a user who is abusive on the dating platform. It ensures that the specific individual will no longer be able to access or contact you. Some people might also sign into the platform with the intention of conning users.

That is why you should never share information such as your credit card number with people online. Blocking someone does not block them on your regular Facebook account. However, blocking a user on your normal Facebook account means that they are also blocked on your dating account.

One of the most important security features at the dating site is the ability to share details of a date with someone you trust. Before going for a date, you can open your messenger to share your plans for the date and live location with a trusted friend or family member. Fifteen minutes before the scheduled time for the date, your trusted friend or family member will receive a notification and access to your live location.

Costs and Prices

This dating is free. Just sign up, fill your profile, and start connecting with other singles on the site.

Facebook Dating Cancellation

The app is free and therefore no need for cancellation. You can deactivate your account anytime you feel you no longer need the service.

Experts Conclusion

Facebook online dating brought in a new method of finding people through a social network platform. You can either navigate to the dating platform or to the regular social network site through a single app. It shows to be an easy way of meeting people with mutual interests. It is simply done through the groups and events attended.

This dating platform is also one of the best for singles who are only interested in meeting local people or people who are near them. If you spot someone with a shared hometown, you can start conversations. It will be easy to have frequent dates with someone who is within a few miles. This dating itself gives you match suggestions of people who are within 100 miles from your location.

Creating a profile on this platform is also easy. A user can import photos from their Facebook or Instagram account. Together with your profile information, these photos make it possible for you to meet with preferred singles.


Are accounts at Facebook and Facebook dating automatically linked?

No, they are not linked. The two have separate profiles and chat boxes.

Will my friends see if I am registered on the dating service?

Your friends will not see that you’re registered at Facebook dating.

How much does it cost to use Facebook Dating?

This dating service is completely free.

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