Different Types of Kisses

Approximately 70 percent of people aged between 26 and 24 had their first kiss when they were 15 years old. When you’re kissing your S.O for the first time, the act increases your dopamine level, which makes you want more. With that in mind, let’s look at eight types of kisses to help you become adventurous and creative when getting started with teen dating.

1. French kiss

A French kiss moves up to 29 muscles in a human face. With this kiss, your tongues should extend and touch each other; alternatively, you can let your tongues touch each other’s lips. This kiss stimulates your significant other’s mouth, tongue as well as their lips. Because these organs are sensitive, this kiss will make you feel like engaging in steamy sex with your S.O.

2. Butterfly kiss

You’ll have to move close to your significant other so that the tips of your lashes come into contact. The trick is to blink to bring the impression of the wings of a beautiful butterfly. It’s a great way to enjoy kissing while catching your breath, unlike the usual kissing. You could also give a solo butterfly kiss when you flutter your eyelids against the cheeks of your lover.

3. The single-lip kiss

kiss onlineHere, you’ll kiss the soft lips of your S.O. one after the other. Lips are 100 times sensitive than fingertips, and this kiss can quicken the pulse of significant other up to 100 bpm. As such, this romantic kiss will cause your lover to begin tingling with excitement.

4. Earlobe kiss

Ears contain numerous sensory receptors inside, and the outer skin is sensitive. For these reasons, they are among the sensual parts of the human body. So it’s the perfect way to show your S.O. that you’re attracted to them.

5. Cheek kiss

This is a social kissing gesture that shows a family relationship or friendship. You can also use it to comfort your significant other or see if they are interested in you.

6. Neck kiss

This kiss happens when you start with the French kiss, then move to your lover’s neck. Remember to reduce the amount of salivary flow to enjoy a perfect neck kiss. While focusing on your lover’s lips, suck them hard, and avoid concentrating on a single place.

7. Hickey kiss

It’s sometimes not considered a kiss because of the aggressiveness. You’ll need to suck hard on your significant other’s neck to leave a bruise. It hurts, but most people believe it has a great feeling, particularly when it’s done on the side of your lover’s neck. The funny thing about this kiss is that it brings out the hanky-panky expression, even though it can be mortifying.

8. Wet kiss

This is also an open-mouthed kiss that you can enjoy with your significant other. You can decide to use your tongue or choose not to. You’ll need some wetness when kissing. When kissing your S.O., avoid producing lots of salivae since it will be sloppy.

The single-lip kissTips for dating online

Before you begin your online dating journey, it’s crucial that you look for teen dating advice. So what should you know before getting your feet wet and start looking for dates?

  • Be real online: When you’re seeking singles for love, be yourself. No one wants to connect with a person who is fake. Make it clear what type of relationship you want. If you’re honest, you’ll find a partner who is suitable for you. You should also know your choice when dating and make sure that you have fun.
  • Try to know and understand your partner more before going on dates: Learn about the person you have met online before you meet them physically. Teen dating sites have features that will help you communicate with other users. You can use the messaging features or chat with them using the chatting feature.
  • Go slowly: If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you should take things slowly. Avoid talking to your S.O. every day when the relationship is in its early stages. In turn, your relationship will thrive and survive for many years. When you start dating, make sure your likes and preference tally and match with those of your potential partner.


All Kinds of Kissing you didn`t know about
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All Kinds of Kissing you didn`t know about
The first kiss is important, as it tells you many things about your significant other. Let's learn about the different ways to kiss your special person.
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