Date Ideas for Teenagers

Do you know that there are sweeter date ideas than an expensive dinner date? As a teenager, your earnings are limited, but that does not mean you cannot have a practical and more fun way of spending time with your crush. There are tons of engaging activities you can do together that are less-costly, and at the same time, memorable.

Some Fun Date Ideas for Teens

Make it light and casual with an ice cream date. Who doesn’t want a rocky road or gelato anyway? If you are a music and art lover, you can check out some blogs or video tutorials for new guitar chords to learn or something to paint. Attend music festivals and concerts to see your favorite artists. If you like trying out different types of food in a crowded environment, food festivals suit you. Search for food events in your place ahead of time to prepare your budget for the date. Or better yet—visit fruit farms and take cute selfies while picking your favorite apples and strawberries. Another unique way is to play with snow during wintertime. Do you want to build a snowman? Or you may want to have a snowball fight and laugh your heart out. You will melt with joy despite the freezing flakes around you. Lastly, amusement parks—you are never too old for some carnival fun. Take your breath away with a crazy roller coaster ride!

More Cool Date Ideas for Teens

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Play sports with the person you are trying to impress. Flaunt your sporty and competitive side, and make sure that you remain hygienic and fragrant despite the strenuous activities. Play badminton, go bowling or swimming, and create a unique bond with your special someone. Keep the date smooth by being a goofy friend to your date. Go to an arcade and win and collect tickets together or sing your heart out with a karaoke night. Enjoy a picturesque view of nature by having a picnic. All you need are soda, a food basket, and a mat. Squat in the park or by the beach, and enjoy the fresh breeze while getting to know each other. If you are already comfortable with the person you’re regularly seeing, then invite her to binge-watch your favorite series.

Impressive and Cute First Date Activities for Teens

Whether you’re meeting a stranger for the first time, or this is the person you caught an eye on every time you pass by your school’s corridor, first dates should always be laid-back and relaxed. Plus, it is highly advisable to have it in public—since you barely know this person. Besides watching a trending show in a movie theater, you can spend your first date taking a short walk at a populated park. Fresh air, finger foods, happy people, and the person you like are enough to brighten your day. You can also visit museums if both of you have a thirst for knowledge in history and arts. Also, have fun by playing billiards, while having a light beer and pizza for night out.

Thoughtful Gift and Date Ideas for Teens on Valentine’s Day

first kissValentine’s Day is a very special time of the year. Thus, dates and gifts should be well-planned and prepared for them to be extra special. If you want to stay indoors, you may stay at home or rent through Airbnb. Cook and prepare your meals together, and set up balloons, roses, and scented candles for a more conducive scene. Your love playlist will also be useful throughout your Valentine’s Day and night. Have a sweet dance while you let the delicious wine take over your body. If you are the outdoorsy type, bring your date to stargazing. Lay down and feast under the night sky full of twinkling stars. Talk about how vast and deep the universe is while you listen to a sweet song. With gifts, they don’t have to be some expensive jewelry or signature items. It can be a cute pen or a tumbler. Learn about your crush’s hobbies and interests and give him something unique and useful.

At the end of the day, what matters most is how you treat your special someone and how you behave around them. Just be yourself, avoid long unnecessary silences, and steer clear of over impressing someone. Let your date guess what more to come and save room for another exciting date is.

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10+ Cool Date Ideas for Teens You Should Try
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10+ Cool Date Ideas for Teens You Should Try
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