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zoosk app rating by google playZoosk is a solid online dating website that was founded in 2007 as a Silicon Valley startup, and that has since become one of the most leading romance platforms on the internet.

Young people looking to interact with other teenagers will find themselves impressed by Zoosk, which features a decently sized user base for you to pick your friends from and many great features to help make your dating experience smooth and fun.

A large benefit of using Zoosk as a Christian looking to indulge in some purely romantic teen dating is that the website caters to the needs of religious people and allows them to more easily find each other, giving you a leg up in the hunt to meet other teen Aussies that want to share in some affection. logo
The cool way in which you connect to other Christian singles is through Zoosk’s awesome feature called the Carousel, which shows you details about several user profiles that the algorithm believes might be fitting for you to meet, and that allows you to send a dating prompt to whichever one you’re most interested in.

Most of the website’s features are free, though those wanting to make use of more specialized actions will have to pay for a subscription, whose price tends to vary from year to year is a great website if you’re on the lookout for the best free dating sites for Christian singles !


ChristianConnection main pageChristian Connection is one of the best websites on the internet for those looking to jump into the world of Christian teen dating, launched all the way back in 2000 and having prospered ever since then to become what it claims to be the UK’s #1 leading Christian dating website.

If you’re young and feel compelled to get close and friendly to someone your age or if you need a bit of companionship, then Christian Connection would be a good start, as you can create an account and send messages to crushes for free albeit in a limited manner.

The best part is that once you’ve joined Christian Connection, you receive a 3-day free trial which allows you to enjoy all of the site’s features before deciding on whether or not to go ahead and purchase a subscription model.
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The website also has several cool features, such as pre-made replies for Standard users, which allows them to quickly pick out a response to a message without having to devote any brain power to it.

Furthermore, Christian Connection also features a chatroom for those who are more socially inclined.

One of the greatest things about Christian Connection is the quality of the profiles – people who use the website are serious about finding love, and they put a lot of effort into making a good impression. You’re unlikely to come across a lot of jokers, as Christian Connection users know what they want.

There’s a free spot at Christian Connection for every God-fearing man or woman – and you’re bound to make wonderful memories, regardless of whether or not you discuss theology or love. Why not give it a try?

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Also, a website that was started in the year 2000, eHarmony, has been considered as being one of the online dating world’s biggest names for a while now and shows no signs of stopping.

eHarmony prides itself on its unique Matching system, which is much more developed than those featured in generic dating applications and matchmaking services, using many factors to determine the best user for you to meet.

That means you won’t have any trouble finding someone to your liking, especially if you answer all of the 80 questions the website puts forth to help establish your personality so that others can more easily find you as well.
eharmony logoThere are many features for you to play with, such as pre-written messages for quick responses and icebreaker quizzes to help shoo away the anxiety of meeting a stranger over the matter of love.

Using eHarmony is completely free, although you have the choice to upgrade your account to a higher tier of membership for full access to the website. For example, Free users can send messages, but only a limited amount each day.

Teen dating is hard to come by, especially if you’re a strongly Christian teen, but there are nonetheless matchmaking services out there that are a great fit for those who understand the importance of faith.

Our expert opinion is that eHarmony is one such website. Give it a try – it’s free!

REVIEW VISIT SITE mainThis entry in the list is rather unique. Elite Singles is an online matchmaking service that’s been mostly designed for a target audience of career professionals that are looking for a significant other with a similar lifestyle.

Finding a date can be a huge, long-lasting chore, so it’s easy to understand their predicament.

To put it simply, Elite Singles is for working men and women who are not looking to sacrifice their business relationship for a romantic relationship. To them, the work-love balance must be perfectly maintained and manicured, which is why it is a great place for serious Christians looking for more than just a passing relationship.

Most of the user profiles on Elite Singles belong to highly educated people who have advanced up their career ladder. Almost all of them look for the same qualities in a partner, so you should know what to expect out of your dating experience if Elite Singles is your pick. logoWhile it might seem like there is no room for teen dating in there due to the advanced average age of its users, the website nonetheless still features a number of barely legal professionals looking to engage in a relationship that won’t take over their lives.

This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy chatting and learning more about life and love.

The website is free to use, and you can certainly find a special someone for you without spending a dime, yet some of its more specialized features are locked behind a subscription, so be prepared to pay if you’re serious about finding love.

There’s a lot of Christians on Elite Singles due to the fact that faith and career-oriented people share a lot of common values. One of the best dating sites for Christian singles on the internet and especially so for hardworking people.

VISIT SITE main pageCupid Media is known throughout the dating world as owning dozens of various niche matchmaking services that cater to different genders, cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, religions, and more. Like two of our other entries on the list, this website was founded in the year 2000 and is still going strong today, which speaks about its quality.

Christian Cupid is one of the best dating sites for Christian singles around due to a decently sized yet friendly community and a host of features that will make your online dating experience a breeze.

Creating an account on Christian Cupid only takes a couple of minutes and is completely free, after which you can start detailing your profile so as to attract the Christian love you need in your life.
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Some of Christian Cupid’s features are the ability to apply tags to your profile which will make it easier for other users to find you, and the fact that it requires you to verify your account via email to boost its credibility in order to avoid fake profiles and catfishes.

The profile quality on the website is very high, with most of the profiles having had hours devoted to filling them out so as to make the best of impressions. This clearly shows that Christian Cupid is mostly frequented by users who are serious about trying to find love.

While the website is free to use, Free users will find themselves limited as to what they can do. Our opinion is for you to create an account and see if Christian Cupid is right for you. If it is, then perhaps opening your wallet to find love a little quicker won’t hurt.

In the end, Christian Cupid is a great dating site for Christian teens looking to get close to other young people. Registration is free, so create an account today!