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Chat-Avenue users are either Basic, which is the free membership account type, or VIP.

  • Usability: The user interface is highly similar to what you might be used
  • Prices: Chat-Avenue users are either Basic, or VIP membership costs $5 for 1 month
  • Special Features : Chat-Avenue does not have any special features that stand out
  • Security: Some of the chat rooms, such as the Kids Chat, are closely monitored in order to keep things clean
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Registration Process

Itching to spend a bit of time in some teen chat rooms? Looking to take a quick ride down the adult chat avenue of love? We can’t blame you. We’re here to take you by the hand and tell you everything you need to know about Chat-Avenue.

Registering for an account on Chat-Avenue is easy – all you have to do is to click your desired chat room and register through the “Not a member? Register now” link.

Once there, you will be asked to input your information, such as your desired username, password, email, gender, and age. All of this is important information that can decide which chat rooms are most suitable for you.

If you’ve done all of that, then congratulations! Your Chat-Avenue account is now active, and you can start filling it out with even more personal information and even a character bio to let people know who you are once you finally enter a chat room.

Chat-Avenue main page

Member Structure

Not everyone is on Chat-Avenue to pursue an adult chat room avenue, though.

Despite the sex chat being extraordinarily active, with hundreds of users talking at all times of the day with no breaks, there are nonetheless dozens of other chat rooms that are very active and have managed to gain communities which have kept them alive over the years with flying colors!

This dedication moves us. Chat-Avenue users all have one thing in common: their home is Chat-Avenue, and they have developed a certain kind of loyalty towards it.

The people that use the website come from all walks of life, whether very young or outright venerable in age, whether uneducated or in a high position at some famous company.

Chat-Avenue member


If what you need is to meet a couple of chat avenue girls to make your day a little bit brighter, then you’re in luck – there’s a lot of women on this website, and there are rooms that have been dedicated to flirting and sexting as well, in which your wildest dreams can come true!

This doesn’t mean the ladies can’t get some, either. Chat-Avenue features thousands of men that you could get your hook into and seduce with your female wiles if that’s what you’re looking for, you femme fatale you.

Matchmaking on Chat-Avenue is as easy as accessing your desired chat room (which should fit the type of person you’re looking to meet) and messaging your secret online crush – or several!

A good way of finding a decent person to chat with is by checking out their profile, where you can usually see their description and their photo.

Profile Quality

Given the fact that this is not a dating website per se, there is not much to expect from the profiles of its members, as there are no standards of quality other than the ones you set yourself.

With that being said, most profiles have been equipped with flavorful descriptions of their owners’ personalities and usually feature their pictures as well, which is a good way to get an idea of the sort of person you’re dealing with.

A lot of users have taken to being extremely creative with their descriptions given the lack of options in customizing their profile, so you’re bound to have a lot of fun by just browsing.

App Review

Chat-Avenue features a mobile application that you could download both off of Google Play and App Store. The user interface is highly similar to what you might be used to when using the desktop version of Chat-Avenue, even though some things might be a little bit different.

The main takeaway is that the mobile application is a decent way of keeping in contact with your Chat-Avenue friends while away from the computer, even though the mobile chat rooms are not the same as the desktop chat rooms, so you should know what to expect.

Chat-Avenue app

Chat-Avenue play store

Design and Usability

The website is very, very easy to use, as it does not feature anything more than a couple of buttons, with no options to over-complicate your experience. Enjoying Chat-Avenue is as simple as creating an account, clicking to join a chat room, and typing on your keyboard!

It is all kept very simple so as to be easy to use, which is something that the creators have definitely pulled off. Don’t expect complexity from Chat-Avenue, but intuitiveness and ease-of-use.

Special Features

While Chat-Avenue does not have any special features that stand out, it does a great job at being a chat room website. Its special feature, thus, is the fact that it has a very active community and dozens of chat rooms in which to spend your time, as well as that it allows you to hold private chats with other members as well.

Chat-Avenue features

Security and Support

The Chat-Avenue community keeps things moderated so that no unpleasant elements invade their comfort zone. Some of the chat rooms, such as the Kids Chat, are closely monitored in order to keep things clean and suitable for children.

Most issues with a user can be resolved by reporting them to a moderator, who is promptly going to take care of the problem. There is usually a moderator in each one of the rooms at all times during the day, and they are represented by a stalwart shield right next to their nicknames

Costs and Prices

Chat-Avenue users are either Basic, which is the free membership account type, or VIP, which means that they spent money in order to be able to use some of the website’s locked features, such as being able to change your profile information, view the chat history, create and moderate your own room, and more.

The VIP membership is thus most popular with people who frequent the website. The prices are very affordable, with $5 for 1 month of membership, $10 for 3 months, $15 for a year, and $20 for a lifetime, respectively.

Chat-Avenue Cancellation

Deleting your Chat-Avenue account is as easy as clicking on your profile once you’re logged into a chat room and selecting the Delete Account option. You’ll have to type in your password to confirm, but once that’s done, then your account is permanently wiped from their database. At worst, they keep track of IP logs, but this is something you’ll have to agree to when creating an account.

Expert’s Conclusion

After having spent hours on the website, our professional opinion is that if you’re looking for chat avenue singles to match with, then Chat-Avenue is a decent enough website for you.

While it might not be the best of places to find your soulmate due to all the chaos that might happen in there every once in a while, the website has shown time and time again that it is thoroughly solid and that it has managed to link up dozens of people from all corners of the world ever since its inception.

Why should you be an exception?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Chat-Avenue?

Chat-Avenue was originally started in the year 2000, making it one of the internet’s oldest chat rooms. Not much is known about the team behind the website’s success, so we’re not going to delve into spicy conjectures, as juicy as gossiping might be.

Is Chat-Avenue Legit?

The website has proven itself to be 100% legitimate and not a scam in any way whatsoever many times over the years.

Chat-Avenue also offers great support for all issues related to payments, and not only is it genuine in dealing with customers, but the team behind the website is also in contact with law enforcement agencies from all over the world to ensure their operation remains perfectly legal, despite the questionable actions of some of its members.

What is Flagging Messages?

You can report a user and/or the message they made by hovering your mouse over one of their messages and clicking the three dots that show up at their border. Here you can specify the reason for the report and hope that your request is going to be heard and processed in as little time as possible.

Can I Block Another Chat-Avenue Member?

You can block another user by going onto their profile and clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right corner that looks like three perpendicular lines. From there, you can choose to Ignore the user, which will hide any messages from them and block any and all attempts of theirs to contact you.

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