Android Dating Apps in 2022

Online dating has come a long way. In the beginning, the only way to date online was using a bulky desktop computer and a dating website. Eventually, laptops came around, and online dating became somewhat portable, but it wasn’t until dating apps came out that online dating became truly “portable.” Of course, singles can still find love using traditional dating sites, but mobile dating has a couple of advantages over the desktop experience. Mobile dating offers:

• Easy navigation via a touchscreen experience
• Convenient popup notifications to keep you in the look
• The ability to easily upload videos & photos

These days, there are two main phone operating systems: iOS and Android. iOS is run by Apple, which imposes a bunch of limitations on their platform (and their users), preventing them from enjoying a wide variety of dating options. Unlike iOS, Android is “open-source,” which means you can download (and use) whichever dating apps you’d like. Obviously, having access to more options provides you with a much better online dating experience!

Which Dating Apps Are Best for Android in 2022?

There are many things that Aussies must consider when choosing an online dating app. Firstly, what do they want to use the app for? While some singles in Australia may be looking for a serious long-term relationship, others might just want to enjoy sex chat online or perhaps meet up in person for casual encounters! Besides intent, they must also consider the features (and limitations) of any potential app choices. While there are many different free android dating apps, not every app that is free is worth joining; in fact, many times, it’s worth investing a bit of pocket change! most dating sites, you’ll need to be a minimum of 18 years old to join BeNaughty. Considering the raunchy nature of this website, the requirement definitely makes sense. BeNaughty is a casual hookup site that currently has over half a million members, all of whom are looking for casual encounters or FWBs (Friends with Benefits). The website design isn’t very unique, but it’s very easy to navigate, making it perfect for Aussies who are first-time users. You’ll easily be able to hook up using this site; the downside is that you’re unlikely to find “the one” using this site. Membership prices vary, starting at only $0.99 per day and running up to $48.60 (for three months of membership)! In addition to the website version, there is also a dedicated Android app available for download.benaughty matchmaking

benaughty premium membership


Seniorstodate-reviewUnlike the site listed above, SeniorsToDate has a specific audience in mind: singles over the age of 50! While there isn’t an actual age requirement to join this site, anyone joining should probably be interested in dating older Aussies. Unfortunately, this niche site hasn’t released any data regarding the size of its member base, but upon quick review, the community itself seems quite active. Like the site above, the site layout is fairly basic, which works perfectly for the target audience it’s intended for. Everything on the site is clearly labeled using text or symbols, making it easy for seniors to navigate the website. In terms of pricing, costs vary widely depending on if you want a short-term or a long-term membership to the website. Some basic features are available for free, should you wish to test out the service before committing your credit card.



Kippoapp sign inIf you’re a gamer, chances are, Kippo is a dating app you’ve probably heard of before. If not, you’re in for a treat! Created by gamers for gamers, this mobile-exclusive dating platform is perfect for Aussies with a serious passion for video games. Unlike many other dating platforms, there isn’t a website version available, so you’ll need a mobile device (iOS or Android) to access it. The service is most popular with younger users, primarily gamers and self-identifying “geeks.” Kippo has a unique look about it, inspired by the world of online gaming & coding. While the service can be used for free, the non-paid options are somewhat limiting. Fortunately, membership prices are extremely low, and you can pick up a year of premium membership for only $56! For gamers, geeks, and self-professed nerds, Kippo offers an easy way to connect with like-minded people for friendship, gaming buddies, and relationships.


WeAreHer (generally referred to as HER) is an innovative dating app that’s specifically for lesbians and bisexual women. That’s right; no men are allowed on this dating platform! With over one million members, there’s no doubt that this “safe space” for LGBT women is a highly successful idea. Although HER does have many younger members, users ages 25 to 34 surprisingly make up the majority of members. In terms of design, HER isn’t really original. Rather, it’s very reminiscent of Tinder! Still, it’s hard to complain; messaging on HER is entirely free (although you can only message “Friends” or matches). The app is available on both iOS & Android, so lesbian Aussies can use the platform regardless of their phone choices.weareher app



Hinge-reviewYou’ve probably heard of this one: “Hinge – The Dating App Designed to Be Deleted.” Due to a highly active marketing campaign, Hinge has quickly grown into a large online dating community, with over five million members at the time of writing. The platform’s user base is fairly evenly split, with 45% women to 55% men. Most users are relatively young, coming in between the ages of 25 to 34. Messaging is an entirely free feature, although (like HER) you can only message matches. Unfortunately, Hinge doesn’t support picture messaging, so users are limited to text only. The app can be downloaded from either the iOS App Store or Google’s Play Store, making it accessible to Aussies everywhere.hinge app rating by google play

hinge app rating by trustpilot


Explore the Best Features Android Dating Provides You

As you can see, Aussies have many different choices when it comes to the world of online matchmaking while using an Android device! Whereas some apps might actually require a download to your device, others can be accessed simply by using your mobile browser. This can be very useful if your phone (or tablet) doesn’t have a lot of space since limited storage may mean you’ll need to delete other applications.

Ultimately, which app you decide to use is up to you. However, there are a couple of things you should consider when making your decision. The first is intent. If you only want to hook up, then choosing a serious dating app like Hinge probably doesn’t make much sense. The second is how many local people are using that app. If the app isn’t very popular in your area, then you’ll likely struggle to find matches. It may take a bit of trial and error, but don’t despair—your perfect partner is waiting for you online! Now it’s just time to find them


Which Android Dating Apps Can I Trust?

Any of the apps listed above will be perfect for online dating in Australia.

How Do Dating Apps Work on Android?

Android dating is simple: you first need to pick out an app. Some can be accessed via the browser; others will need to be downloaded.

How Do I Date a Guy/Girl on Mobile?

After you’ve downloaded an Android dating app, you’ll start talking to other singles. Once you find someone you like, ask them if they’d like to be exclusive.