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At, it is our job to make the dating process easier for the millions of singles out there who are scouring the Internet looking for their best date. Featuring comprehensive reviews of the latest sites, as well as insightful articles about how to get the best out of meeting someone, we offer you the best experience like no other.

With thousands of visitors seeking anything from a one-off hookup to a series of casual dates, our objective is to offer the very best selection of the most successful and all-around, top dating sites. Our mission is to reward your efforts with a complete experience that is both rewarding and insightful. Each of our reviews is carried out independently with a ranking factor based on a number of strict criteria. We don’t just promote any site. Every platform recommended by the Teendatingsites team has to pass a number of tests.

The online dating world can feel overwhelming. There are so many websites out there, some claiming to be able to match you to someone perfect within 24 hours, others claiming they are free when they are not. It is difficult to know where to go or what website to click on first! How do you not what is a scam and what is for real? How do you know the people that you are chatting to are genuine people in your area? Where do you go to for help with getting this information?

Here at, we have decided to ask you, our loyal customers, for your own reviews of sites that you have experienced. This is so important to the online dating community and us. We will also love you to write a review of our site if you have time. If you like writing, then type us a review and submit it to our team. If you are not used to writing reviews, the main things to include are:

  • A title for your review
  • Your name, or if you would prefer to stay anonymous, just say!
  • A clear account of what you experienced and what the site was called
  • Make sure you say the date you encountered this website
  • Write in short sentences rather than long, overcomplicated ones
  • Conclude with what you thought overall about this dating site and whether you would recommend to other people or not. (Fit doesn’t have to be just bad reviews – we want to know the good ones too!)
  • Proofread your work for grammatical errors
  • Send it to our team

When you have submitted your review, you can then check out other reviews that users have left on our site. As the site grows, we expect to have a really strong bank of information, which is useful for anyone that wants to know more about dating sites. Having this information in one central place means that you know you can count on this site for unique and relevant information whenever you need it, whatever site you are using.

Why are reviews important? Well – having first-hand accounts from users means you get a real feel for the site and how it functions. You could get to grips with technical information like, how easy the site was to navigate, or how easy it was to contact the team if you needed to. If the site sends you too many emails, but you cannot find how to turn off these notifications because the site is so tricky to navigate, this is all useful information for the next people who may use the dating site and create an account there.

You may write several reviews, or you may just use the site to read reviews as you navigate your online dating journey. There really are so many bogus sites out there that it is important to know which ones to try – you don’t want to be caught out! So write or read reviews today and enjoy using our website.